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Distribution & Logistics

Meeting the ever growing customer expectations calls for new collaboration models, digitalization, and integrated logistics concepts. ​

​Logistics: from cost factor to customer-winning differentiator

Logistics is the key to successfully link all components of today’s complex, global supply chain networks and to offer superior services to customers. The increasing demand for individualized yet sustainable and cost-effective delivery services requires a rethink of logistics concepts. CAMELOT helps clients build reliable, secure, and transparent logistics setups that can quickly adapt to change.​

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How we help clients


Logistics Strategy Review & Development

Helping clients create adaptive and future-proof logistics stratregies.


Supply Chain Network Optimization

Exercising more control over the supply chain through network optimization.


Selection of Logistics Service Providers ​

How to find the logistics service provider that is exactly right for you.


Transport Management

Reviewing the transport management setup drives new business value.


Warehouse Digitalization

End-to-end consulting for warehouse digitalization: from strategy to results.


Digital Transformation in Logistics

Helping you find the digital innovations that you need.


Supply Chain Visibility & Logistics Integration

Building profitable scenarios and a vision for supply chain visibility.​


Pharma Logistics

Improving the patient experience through outstanding logistics.


Chemical Logistics

Logistics is a major lever for chemical companies to increase competitiveness.


Services for Logistics Service Providers (LSP)​

Securing profitability through a superior understanding of customer needs with services for logistics service providers.


Consumer Goods Logistics

Modern consumer goods logistics have to simultaneously bridge between lean processes and growing service complexity. Is your logistics cost-efficient and value-adding? ​


Automotive Logistics

Driving excellence in automotive logistics requires a dynamic supply chain​


CAMELOT’s logistics experts combine many years of consulting expertise with operational industry experience and a logistics service provider background. This facilitates the decision-making process and ensures the practicability of our logistics concepts and solutions.​

Industry​ practitioners

CAMELOT’s consultants are specialized in life sciences, chemicals, consumer goods & retail as well as industrial manufacturing, and LSP. We are familiar with industry-specific practices, requirements, and market players.​

From strategy to business value​

We fuse strategic thinking with process & organizational design capabilities, technological know-how as well as operational experience to guide clients from strategy definition to successfully implementing results.​

Knowing your tomorrow​

With a strong focus on market research and innovation topics, we help you prepare your logistics for tomorrow’s challenges and to outpace your competition with differentiating logistics solutions.​

Andreas Gmür, Partner, CAMELOT Management Consultants​
Logistics needs to transform from the fire-fighting element at the end of the supply chain into a smoothly running clockwork for fusing planning, customer service, and supply chain execution.​

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Andreas Gmür


Heads the logistics consulting division, helping clients in logistics topics from strategy definition to the transformation of process and IT landscapes

Steve Simco

Head of Logistics and Distribution, North America

Focused on network planning, transportation, warehousing and specialty distribution.

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