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Innovating for sustainable value chains​

Sustainability needs to be an integral part of value chain transformations​

A sustainable value chain is becoming a strategic imperative for companies around the world. To take meaningful action against climate change much more is needed than sustainability reporting: better transparency of CO2 along the value chain, deep understanding of new technologies, clear and actionable plans towards climate neutral, new circular business models, and effective engagement of employees and external partners. Our sustainability offering is grounded in a deep understanding of industrial value chains and unparalleled solution capabilities.

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Practical concepts and digital solutions

CAMELOT takes its responsibility for society and future generations seriously. Our GreenMind2 competence center strengthens and bundles this commitment under its three pillars “Green Intelligence”, “Green Strategy”, and “Green Solutions”. In more detail, GreenMind2 offers solutions in the fields of artificial intelligence and data ethics, supply chain management and recycling, smart city and IoT as well as the reduction of carbon footprints in logistics.

How we help clients

Green Intelligence​

  • Reducing CO2 with superior knowledge and insights ​
  • Carbon Footprint Analyzer – locating CO2 and its drivers along the value chain, from company to product​
  • CO2 measure database – understanding CO2 measures, capital investments, and profit impact​

Green Strategy​

  • Re-inventing value chains with sustainability at the core​
  • Business model innovation – envisioning and designing circular & sharing business models​
  • Path to climate neutral – bold business re-design and actionable planning of your path to carbon neutral​

Green Solutions​

  • Accelerating sustainability success​
  • Green shopping – consumer awareness for environment​
  • Supplier ranking for sustainability ​

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CAMELOT’s GreenMind² competence center brings together green intelligence, green strategy, and green solutions to accelerate your path to sustainability leadership. We fuse green and economics by analyzing both sustainability and P&L impact of sustainability measures. With our deep understanding of green optimization, we are able to identify and evaluate measures to reduce the carbon footprint of entire companies, business units, or single products.​

​Cross-functional capabilities​

Our competence center GreenMind² draws on the creative spirit of a diverse and talented team of value chain strategists, sustainability experts, industry specialists, and technology masterminds.​

Innovation with purpose​

Innovating for sustainable value chains is an essential part of our CAMELOT DNA. With GreenMind², we help our clients explore new business and operating models for a sustainable future.​

Strong ecosystem for better results​

We collaborate with the most inspiring, innovative, and committed partners for a 360° view and accelerated outcomes. ​CAMELOT partners with the Chair of Sustainable Business at the University of Mannheim.

Thomas Ebel, Partner Value Chain Strategy & Transformation, CAMELOT Management Consultants​
Leaders treat sustainability as integral part of any strategic, tactical, and operational decision along the value chain, as opposed to making it the task of a single function. We help you implement the programs and business models that deeply embed sustainability in your end-to-end value chain.

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Thomas Ebel

Partner Value Chain Strategy & Transformation​

Experienced value chain strategist helping companies transform their value chain into a value engine for the business, bringing together strategy and digital innovation.

Stefan Dittrich

Managing Consultant

Transforms strategic projects into the operational implementation of efficiency and optimization programs along the value chain

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