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Intelligent value capture leveraging the power of Process Mining

Unlocking hidden value through the power of data

From sourcing to customer service: a smoothly running value chain is the foundation of outstanding customer experience, competitive edge, and profitability. However, increasing complexity, insufficiently integrated systems, or unexpected disruptions may cause value chain processes to slow down or stop. With ValueMining², we leverage Process Mining and data-driven insights to help clients boost process performance, build operational resilience, and unlock hidden value.

CAMELOT is a Strategic Partner of Celonis, the market leader in AI-enhanced process mining technology.

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How we help clients

Discover & understand

  • Rapid process assessment leveraging intelligent Celonis-based Process Mining technology
  • Create full visibility of your real value chain processes from disparate systems
  • Identify process breaks, inefficiencies, and bottlenecks that compromise process performance and value creation

Analyze & define

  • Identify root causes of process friction and disruptions
  • Develop scenarios and recommend next-best actions, supported by intelligent technologies such as ML/AI
  • Define roles and responsibilities within your organization based on accurate operations and process models

Deploy & sustain

  • Exploit the identified opportunities for value creation, such as increasing customer satisfaction, revenues, and profitability

  • Leverage objective data and storytelling to influence behavior and drive change internally
  • Identify and implement best practices across your organization
  • Continuously monitor and adapt your initiatives to ensure process conformity and operational resilience

Consulting services for
Celonis Process Mining

  • Celonis-certified consultants help you to tap the full potential of the Celonis Business Cloud
  • All licence models: Celonis for Consulting, Celonis-as-a-Service
  • All project types: proof of value, pilot implementation, full implementation, incl user enablement

  • Covering all core processes: purchase-to-pay, accounts payable, accounts receivable, order-to-cash, production, claims management, master data, supply chain planning, logistics, maintenance
  • Set up the Celonis infrastructure, connect source systems, and define the data model for the individual business processes
  • Develop client-specific process analyses, dashboards, and reports in Celonis
  • Develop and implement appropriate Celonis organizational models to ensure sustainable success
  • Simulation- and AI-based operational apps for Celonis to provide enterprise decision-making and execution support


Combining comprehensive industry-specific process and domain expertise with unrivaled know-how in Celonis-based Process Mining technology, analytics, data science, and intelligent technologies, we help you unlock hidden value along your value chain through the power of data.

Strong partnership with Celonis

CAMELOT is a co-innovation and Platinum partner of Celonis, the market -leading provider of Process Mining technology.

Process optimization expertise

We leverage more than 25 years of experience in process optimization along the value chains of the chemicals, life sciences, consumer goods, and industrial manufacturing industries.

Data to value

CAMELOT clients benefit from our specialized skillset that enables tailored and customized solutions from data foundations to data analytics and data science.

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