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Operations & Manufacturing

Digital change and evolving customer needs place new demands on operational processes. Organizations need to combine proven process optimization methods with innovative digital approaches to stay ahead of the pack.

Process excellence: a core requirement for competitiveness

High quality and competitive prices are key factors in keeping up with global competition. The prerequisite: maximum process efficiency and a culture of continuous improvement. Our Operations & Manufacturing Practice supports you in the sustainable transformation of your processes – for improved process flow, increased value creation, and new competitive advantages.

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How we help clients


Digital Manufacturing

Helping you enter the future of productivity: from vision to implementation.


Production Planning & Scheduling

Our experts support you in mastering complexity and volatility with sustainable, next-generation production planning. Arrange Callback


Operational Excellence

Guiding companies on their way to future-proof operational excellence.


LEAN Manufacturing

Ensuring process flow by eliminating process breaks, bottlenecks, and waste.


Business Process Management

How to take business process management to new dimensions.


We fuse our experience from numerous production and process optimization projects in the chemical, life sciences, consumer goods, and manufacturing industries with in-depth know-how in proven optimization programs such as Lean and Six Sigma as well as modern digital solutions.

Hands-on experience

The consultants in our practice have many years of both operational and consulting experience in designing highly effective processes in supply chain management and operations.

Latest methodical know-how

Our practice includes certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belts as well as digital transformation experts.

Data-driven change management

With field-tested and data-driven change management approaches, we support the sustainable implementation of a culture of continuous improvement.

Christian Kroschl, Partner Operations and Supply Chain Management, CAMELOT Management Consultants
The effectiveness and efficiency of operational processes is the central lever for high quality, competitive prices, and outstanding service.

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Christian Kroschl

Partner Operations

Heads the Consulting Line Supply Chain Management at CAMELOT and helps clients achieve a truly integrated and calibrated supply chain

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