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Finance & Performance Management

Digitalization is a historic opportunity for a paradigm shift in finance & controlling. The condition: a fundamental transformation.​

Finance & controlling: the way forward​

​CAMELOT supports finance and controlling executives in analyzing, developing, and implementing individual concepts and solutions – with a sustainable value contribution and a special focus on transforming the financial sector.​

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How we help clients


Digital Innovations & Transformation in Finance & Controlling ​

Evolving the finance organization into a respected business partner.


Value Chain Controlling

Increasing overall profitability via holistic approaches instead of silo optimization.


Finance & Controlling Excellence

Guiding clients on their way to sustainable finance & controlling excellence. ​


CAMELOT combines project-proven consulting expertise with operational management experience in finance & controlling. Our concepts have a consistent focus on actions and decisions. We guide clients with a holistic approach that includes all relevant fields of action (culture, organization, roles, processes, information, and system infrastructure).​

​Agile methods​

In times of increasing digitalization, speed is the key success factor. With agile methods we bring this speed into your project.​

​Focus on the entire value chain​

​We help you increase your profitability by taking the entire value chain into consideration and creating transparency of cost drivers.​

​Thinking differently​

Using creative approaches and methods, our CAMELOT consultants help you find new solutions for your finance & controlling.​

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Transforming controlling to keep your company on the right course


Libor Kotlik

Managing Partner

Trusted adivsor to the top management; helps clients transform their value chains for a competitive advantage

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