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Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

Agile and reliable value chains are key to succeed in an increasingly demanding and volatile market.

Does your value chain meet the needs of today’s consumers?

Rapidly changing consumer demands, new distribution channels, the increasing competition of private label products as well as rising margin pressure require new ways to manage consumer goods value chains. CAMELOT supports consumer goods companies in transforming their value chain into a competitive advantage, meeting the needs of today’s consumers.

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How we help clients

Supply chain analytics

  • Drive your supply chain from insights
  • Production, replenishment & demand analytics
  • Multi-stage inventory optimization
  • Process mining
  • Carbon Footprint Analyzer for insights into CO2 emissions along the value chain

Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

  • Assessing the key dimensions: strategy, structure, organization, processes, metrics, and data
  • Driver-based root cause analysis of inefficiencies in the supply chain
  • Define supply chain set-up and configuration based on a holistic approach
  • Implementation of a new supply chain design and configuration
  • Embed end-to-end planning processes and roles enterprise-wide
  • Support tool evaluation
  • More about our IBP capabilities

Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management

  • Apply innovative supply chain planning concepts
  • From proof of value to pilot implementation & global rollout

Sustainable supply chain​ (GreenMind2)

  • Green intelligence:
    Reducing CO2 with superior knowledge and insights
  • Green strategy:
    Re-inventing value chains with sustainability at the core
  • Green solutions:
    Accelerating sustainability success
  • More about GreenMind2

Supply chain resilience & flexibility

  • Build your supply chain based on customer needs
  • Risk assessment and modelling
  • Supply chain flexibility concepts
  • Redesigning your supply chain from pilot to global rollout

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Experienced industry experts at CAMELOT help consumer good companies transform their supply chain into a real competitive advantage that allows them to succeed in today’s dynamic, volatile, and complex markets.

Innovative thinking

Digitization creates new, innovative, sustainable business models – we help you to seize the right opportunities and implement them.

Global industry expertise

We create proven business value for our clients, leveraging 25+ years of industry expertise in consumer goods as well as an integrated consulting approach from strategy to tangible results.

Sustainable success

It is not only today’s success that counts, but also tomorrow’s growth. CAMELOT has the future of your company in mind.

Peter Harder, Partner Consumer Goods, CAMELOT Management Consultants
Demand-Driven is the new supply chain paradigm for consumer goods companies who want to be agile and flexible. Thanks to the innovative Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management concept, we offer you the key to sustainable competitive advantage and impressive supply chain results.

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Christophe Hudelmaier

Head of Supply Chain Transformation

Over 25 years of professional experience in industry and management consulting firms across various industries. Leading transformation programs from design to implementation.

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