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Chemical Logistics

Logistics is the major lever for chemical companies to increase their competitive edge and secure compliance with legal requirements.​

Logistics in the chemical industry: a hidden champion​

Chemical production sites were mostly built decades ago in a classic infrastructure setup, which is not suitable for the increased throughput of the last 10 years. Logistics cannot breathe normally in this environment. The way forward is re-thinking logistics key capabilities, leveraging emerging technologies, and evaluating the carrier mix to take chemical logistics to new levels of performance and reliability – and to unleash the power of a hidden champion.​

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How we help clients

​Logistics assessment​

  • ​Quick-win speed analysis​
  • Maturity analysis of the logistics setup​
  • Program management for complex global implementations​

Yard logistics​

  • ​Visioning of the target situation​
  • Flow, movement, and bottleneck analysis​
  • Yard logistics design (flows, volumes, technology, routing, schedules, etc.)
  • Logistics terminal design​

Warehouse management​

  • Warehouse layout design​
  • Throughput/ bottleneck analysis with 3D tools/software​
  • Warehouse management (flows, technologies, routing, pick waves, slot booking, etc.)​

​Transport management​

  • Transport management setup ​(strategic, tactical, operational)​
  • AI-based transport planning/forecast to cope with transport capacity shortage​
  • Dynamic transport planning to flex and enlarge your carrier/freight forwarder portfolio​

3PL/4PL/control tower partner selection​

  • Scoping workshops to identify the service need (make vs. buy)​
  • Tendering (RFI/RFP)​
  • Concept implementation support​

Network design​

  • Logistics analyzer quick scan of actual setup​
  • Distribution strategy​
  • Network optimization​
  • Tactical route determination​
Andreas Gmür, Partner Logistics, CAMELOT Management Consultants​
Legal requirements, dangerous goods, and the actual transport capacity shortage situation create enormous challenges for chemical logistics. The need for smart logistics solutions is greater than ever.​

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CAMELOT has a proven 20+ year track record in the chemical industry. Our chemical logistics experts leverage a professional background in the chemical industry, knowing from their own experience what dangerous goods and EH&S requirements really mean. ​

Chemical industry and LSP experts​

CAMELOT‘s chemical logistics practice consists of experienced practitioners and consultants from the chemical industry as well as from logistics service providers. ​

The best solution

CAMELOT always strives for the best solutions and partners on the market, resulting in innovative approaches with outstanding business value. ​

Track-record in chemical logistics​

CAMELOT clients benefit from our 20+ year track record of successful projects in chemical logistics, both for large and mid-sized chemical companies. ​


Constantin Reuter


Experienced supply chain advisor with a focus on transport management, distribution strategy, network optimization, 4PL setups, logistics sourcing, and chemical logistics

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