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Consumer Goods Logistics

Modern consumer goods logistics have to simultaneously bridge between lean processes and growing service complexity. Is your logistics cost-efficient and value-adding? ​

Rising service demands and efficient fulfillment​

Today, we are moving from next-day shipments for e-commerce to same-day shipments.​ To make same-day shipments happen, retailers need to be as geographically close to the customer as possible. In addition, they will need robust systems that look at all the different distribution points and orchestrate the most cost-effective place and logistics to meet that service level.​

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How we help clients

Customized logistics services ​

  • Describe future logistics service offering​
  • Clarify unique service and value proposition for your customers ​
  • Segment customer groups based on sales aspects and logistics capabilities ​
  • Allocate required service levels and portfolios to each customer segment (OTIF targets, additional services, reverse logistics, etc.)​

Multi-channel fulfillment ​

  • Establish/modernize logistics vision to address e-commerce development ​
  • Visualize current network and bottlenecks​
  • Design a new logistics network setup with advanced data science and network modeling tools​
  • Harmonize processes, infrastructure, and IT requirements across all sales channels​

Visibility and control​

  • Define gaps and future requirements for full supply chain visibility​
  • Implement an integrated visibility strategy including the best-fitting tools​
  • Comply with growing legal requirements in product traceability​
  • Control OTIF expectations and identify causations​

Decrease logistics overhead​

  • Define a strategy, benefits, and quick wins in a CAMELOT Vision Workshop ​
  • Identify the process maturity of warehousing, transport management, and yard logistics​
  • Streamline an integrated process design across logistics and its links​
  • Assess warehouse design and layout​
  • Analyses of multi-echelon inventory management and reduction of stock levels​

Holistic logistics planning ​

  • Implement an internally aligned logistics planning concept​
  • Coordinate strategic, tactical and operational logistics planning​
  • Reduce planning slack and firefighting actions​
  • Balance freight peak variabilities due to promotion, product launches, seasonality, etc.​

Green logistics ​

  • Define overall strategy and roadmap for green logistics ​
  • Analyze carbon footprint emissions and identify its causation​
  • Implement CO2 reduction initiatives​
  • Set up regular emissions reporting​
Andreas Gmür, Partner Logistics, CAMELOT Management Consultants​
Simultaneously optimizing service, speed and costs: what seems like a mission impossible is exactly what consumer goods logistics of the 21st century needs to accomplish.​

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Consumer goods logistics needs to answer many challenges, which requires broad expertise in many dimensions: complexity, efficiency needs, quality standards as well as consumer expectations. CAMELOT’s consumer goods logistics practice provides you with just the right combination of capabilities.​

Logistics expertise​

A detailed understanding of consumer goods logistics enables us to identify your current opportunities and to determine the best improvement options.​

Consumer goods expertise​

Our consulting teams provide extensive consumer goods and retail project experience, tackling the key issues of the value chain, from production to last-mile delivery.​

Solution expertise​

Holistic integration of partners and systems will help you achieve all-time visibility, transparency, and control of your logistics activities.​ Now and in the future.


Andreas Gmür Camelot

Andreas Gmür


Heads the logistics consulting division, helping clients in logistics topics from strategy definition to the transformation of process and IT landscapes

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