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Supply Chain Network Optimization

The distribution footprint largely determines the flexibility and agility of the supply chain. Challenge your supply chain and transform the pain of the past into the advantage of the future.​

​Supply chain network: design meets control​

Supply Chain network design has been on the agenda in the context of mergers and acquisitions, new market entry, change of trade specifics, or general cost base optimization. Companies now use supply chain network design to exercise more control over their supply chain and to adjust the footprint in an agile way.​

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How we help clients

Supply chain network assessment​

  • ​Mapping of supply & demand in the supply chain, visualization of flows​
  • Apply data science methods to evaluate data quality​
  • Top-down supply chain costs analytics to identify areas of improvement​
  • Plan actions and projects to drive improvement measures​

Strategic design study​

  • Vision workshop for future requirements​
  • Supply chain analytics on current distribution footprint​
  • Collaborative approach on scenario creation & evaluation​
  • Joint implementation planning and business case calculation​

Design implementation ​

  • Gatekeeping approach to secure quality in implementation​
  • Warehouse ramp-up/closure/move​
  • Logistics procurement support​
  • IT requirements gathering & supply chain planning adjustments​
  • Stakeholder and change management​

Lean supply chain design ​

  • Application of agile methods in supply chain design​
  • Sprints of collecting data, modeling the supply chain, and decision-making​
  • Cost-to-budget possible with fast turnaround times​
  • Standardized feedback loops and consensus prioritization of next steps​

Costs-to-serve analysis​

  • Drill down into network on product/SKU level, identify costs/margin for either products or customers​
  • Segment products & customers and define standardized supply chain services​
  • Define actions with commercial organization to drive competitiveness ​
  • Establish regular refresher on data and segmentation​

Network design for adaptive enterprises​

  • Network design as a continuous process embedded into supply chain or center of excellence​
  • Link between supply chain strategy and tactical supply chain planning​
  • Potential support of logistics tendering, yearly budgeting, risk management, and other use cases through a digital twin of the supply chain.

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Constantin Reuter, Principal & Competence Center Head Sourcing & Network Enabling,
CAMELOT Management Consultants
In today’s complex and volatile business environment, reviewing and adjusting your supply chain network design is a key lever to drive competitiveness.

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We are trusted advisors to the life sciences, chemicals, consumer goods, and industrial manufacturing industries combining market, process and system expertise with global references. Clients rely on CAMELOT for supply chain network design as well as for implementing the new footprint.​

Process expertise​

We combine supply chain and logistics process know-how with advanced data science for quick visualization and analytics of your supply chain data.​

Market expertise​

Our logistics consultants are practitioners, leveraging industry, and supply chain expertise in the life sciences, chemicals, consumer goods, and industrial manufacturing industries.​

System expertise​

Benefit from our long-term partnership with Llamasoft and Logivations as well as from our own solutions to support supply chain network design tasks.​


Constantin Reuter


Experienced supply chain advisor with a focus on transport management, distribution strategy, network optimization, 4PL setups, logistics sourcing, and chemical logistics

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