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Transport Management

The speed of technical development calls for reviewing your transport management setup regularly to open up new opportunities for improving cost efficiency, customer service, and sales.​

The often neglected driver for new business value​

​A transport management strategy defines the organization, process, and IT setup for sourcing, planning, execution, freight cost management, and monitoring/reporting. All of these areas have a global, regional, and local dimension and can differ per transport mode and/or for inbound and outbound flows. The speed with which new technologies appear on the market, while companies’ own legacy infrastructures are reaching their limits, challenges current transport management setups but drives new business benefits.​

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How we help clients

Transport management ​​strategy design​

  • Define the transport management strategy and key business targets to have a clear transport management vision​
  • Map current maturity level to close the gap to the vision​
  • Develop the implementation roadmap to realize your vision​

​Process design & business blueprint​

  • Define and enable a harmonized transport management process landscape leveraging the CAMELOT process reference model​
  • Fit-gap-analysis of to-be and as-is processes​
  • Create a business blueprint to prepare TMS implementation​

IT evaluation and implementation support​

  • ​Match functional requirements ​with software alternatives to select the fitting IT system/landscape​
  • Evaluate & select future service ​and system providers to execute the transport management strategy​
  • If required: implementation support for TMS realization possible via Camelot ITLab

Digitalization of logistics as part of transport management strategy​

  • Impulse use cases from CAMELOT to foster the digitalization discussion in your company​
  • Define digitalization potentials within your actual logistics setup and transport management strategy​
  • Business case calculation support to ensure value-add of digitalization​
  • Develop the implementation roadmap for realizing digitalization​
Andreas Gmür, Partner, Camelot – Global Head CL Logistics​
It is a pity that not all companies are using their potential in transport management optimization. The frequency companies should review their TM setup is increasing rapidly with the new technologies on the market.

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CAMELOT delivers an integrated consulting approach, supporting clients from strategy, process, and organization design through to implementation, which we deliver through our affiliate Camelot ITLab.

​Transport management ​​specialists​

CAMELOT has a dedicated transport management practice with a strong track record of helping clients review, design, and implement winning transport management strategies. ​​

​Experience you can rely on

We leverage 20+ years of transport management project experience including strategy & quick assessment projects​, strategic distribution network design & optimization, TM process & organization design as well as TMS software selection.​

Industry expertise​

Experienced practitioners from our clients’ industry are always part of CAMELOT’s transport management project teams.​ This enables quick value capture for our clients.


Constantin Reuter


Experienced supply chain advisor with a focus on transport management, distribution strategy, network optimization, 4PL setups, logistics sourcing, and chemical logistics

Steve Simco

Head of Logistics and Distribution, North America

Focused on network planning, transportation, warehousing and specialty distribution.

End-to-End Consulting for Transport Management

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