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Supply Chain Visibility & Logistics Integration

Are you in full control? Do you have complete visibility, provided by collaboration and communication with your partners? We help you achieve the right level of supply chain visibility.​

With the growing complexity of logistics networks, visibility becomes the key challenge​

Achieving complete and integrated transparency is a complex task in a supply chain network with a growing number of partners and demanding consumer expectations. Though technologies are available, for many supply chains it is still challenging to develop profitable scenarios and address a vision for full transparency and visibility.​

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How we help clients

Value-based approach​

  • Create value starting with the relevant visibility scenarios​
  • Focus on the specific requirements of your supply chain​
  • Calculate benefit and cost, analyze sensitivity, and control implementation​

Guiding an integrated concept​

  • Create a vision for integration and visibility to guide single activities​
  • Fit single scenario implementations to the overall target​
  • Raise transparency and visibility with each step​

Track & trace​

  • Integrate from first origin to consumer​
  • Answer the growing awareness for quality, certified origin and safe handling​
  • Address dependencies and volatility in your supply chain network​


  • Integrate execution and planning, beyond single orders​
  • Automate to increase flexibility and provide cost efficiency​
  • Exchange data for full visibility and overall optimization​

Temperature management​

  • Control critical parameters for your product quality​
  • Actively manage with adaptive packaging, preventive action and tolerance-based planning​
  • Integrate not only temperature, but also humidity, light exposure, pressure, mechanical impact and more​

Big data analytics​

  • Realize the potential of the huge amount of data available​
  • Identify the right targets from our use case library​
  • Integrate organizational transformation and data science​
Abe Eshkenazi, CEO, The Association for Supply Chain Management​
Technology makes our world smaller, but it also creates increasingly complex global supply chains. Real-time connectivity and visibility enable supply chain professionals to work with partners anywhere, sharing insights with a supplier’s supplier or a customer’s customer.

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Supply chain visibility and logistics integration are at the core of CAMELOT‘s value proposition. We combine top logistics and supply chain expertise with a holistic consulting approach covering strategy, organization, processes, and innovative technologies.​

Supply chain expertise​

CAMELOT’s consulting focus on supply chain and logistics helps you achieve visibility where you need it.​

Business + technology combined​

CAMELOT‘s integrated consulting approach ensures integration in every aspect.​

Value orientation​

Business value comes first. We leverage innovation to transform your business.​


Andreas Gmür Camelot

Andreas Gmür


Heads the logistics consulting division, helping clients in logistics topics from strategy definition to the transformation of process and IT landscapes

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