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Selection of Logistics Service Providers ​

How to find the logistics service provider that is exactly right for you​

​The perfect match​

​Selecting the right logistics service provider is easier said than done. It depends on your scope–exclusively transport and warehouse services or more complex supply chain management topics? Is your company ready for outsourcing? Do you have the same understanding of lead times? With a finely tailored service portfolio, we can help you master pitfalls and find the logistics service provider you really need.​

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How we help clients

Logistics outsourcing​

  • Outsourcing vision workshops, sourcing, integration/ interfacing​
  • Purchasing services from transportation, warehousing, logistics operations to supply chain management incl. RFI and RFP/RFQ​
  • Implementation support / program management​

​Logistics service provider management​

  • Definition of provider performance report, standardization and rollout​
  • Strategic provider management​
  • Review and challenge the actual provider portfolio/mix​
  • Review the actual contract situation and check against fit for future (Dynamic Transportation Planning fit)​

​4PL control tower​

  • Readiness for 4PL check, capability check of organization, and IT landscape
  • Business case development​
  • RFI and RFP/RFQ processing​
  • Change management to ensure acceptance and success​
  • Implementation support/program management​

Service levels & KPIs​

  • Assessment of IT & process readiness, transformation to enable homogenic reporting​
  • Performance measurement framework​
  • Reporting dashboard for iPad and other devices​

Logistics excellence​

  • Audit and process analysis of your partners to ensure operational excellence​
  • Identification of improvement areas and SWOT analysis​
  • Implementation roadmaps taking your logistics strategy into account​
  • Hands-on operational implementation support​

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CAMELOT looks back on decades of logistics sourcing experience. Clients benefit from our proven purchasing approach combined with our broad supplier network. We have successfully enabled optimum distribution networks and 4PL/control tower supplier selection for numerous global clients. ​

Logistics sourcing experts​

CAMELOT has a dedicated logistics sourcing practice with a strong track record of helping clients select the right LSP.

​Supplier network​

We offer a broad network of logistics service providers to helo you find the exact match for your requirements.​

​Industry expertise​

Our project teams always include experts with a professional background in your specific industry. ​


Constantin Reuter


Experienced supply chain advisor with a focus on transport management, distribution strategy, network optimization, 4PL setups, logistics sourcing, and chemical logistics

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