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How to master disruptive change and accelerate the transformation of procurement into a value driver​

Re-inventing procurement organizations​

Procurement organizations, across all industries, must cope with disruptive changes induced by digitalization and an uncertain economic environment leading to diverse internal and external challenges. CAMELOT’s procurement experts help clients strategize procurement transformations on a global scale and reshape procurement organizations to improve performance, transparency, and value contribution.​

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How we help clients

Procurement assessment

  • Procurement assessment based on process-, cost- and organizational maturity
  • Outline strengths and weaknesses to define specific procurement roadmap
  • Benchmark procurement maturity against industry average and competitors

Procurement value contribution

  • Deliver strategic sourcing projects from strategy to execution 
  • Build strategic category management
  • Support the realization of cost savings and performance improvements for bottom-line contribution

Data-driven process optimization

  • Identify improvement potentials along the purchase-to-pay processes 
  • Development of RPA and automation use cases for procurement operations

Procurement strategy & target operating model

  • Support the plan-to-strategy process
  • Review and define a future-proof procurement strategy
  • Develop a business case for the target operating model including tool selection

Procurement analytics

  • Analytics to support spend transparency, classification and segmentation 
  • Conceiving predictive and scenario-based cost analysis, e.g. based on market indices
  • Data-backed decisions for procurement development

Supplier management

  • Lift supplier management beyond a traditional ABC classification
  • Streamline the supplier management process
  • Revisit or define supplier risk management to increase resilience
Wolf Göhler, Head of Procurement Transformation, CAMELOT Management Consulting ​
​Procurement organizations will increasingly find themselves in a position between dealing with the disruptive changes driven by digitalization and the attempt to tackle the new normal: a business environment characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA).

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CAMELOT focuses on tangible results, delivering projects with a measurable return and future-proof concepts. We are adept at providing solutions and offering transformation programs based on recent technological trends. Our core capabilities are – beside traditional cost – and performance improvement programs – in the areas of RPA, process mining, and big data including maturity assessments for future-proofing.​

​Proven industry experience​

Having successfully implemented accolades-winning projects in chemicals, life sciences, and manufacturing industries, we know what matters and what makes the difference.​

Unrivaled understanding of sourcing markets​

We are skilled at acting on a global scale, we understand sourcing markets better than anyone else enabling us to deal with difficult categories.​

Digital transformation capabilities​

CAMELOT orchestrates global procurement transformation programs by empowering organizations with new operating models, digitized processes, and competitive advantage.​

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