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Our specialty: Value Chain Management

CAMELOT’s extensive range of services covers all aspects of future-oriented value chain management. Our integrated consulting approach is based on the close dovetailing of management, process and organizational consulting, from strategy to measurable results.

Our Industry Focus

Attracting global investors

CAMELOT has developed several studies for governments with recommendations and action plans at a national level.

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Selection of our industry references

Managing global demand

CAMELOT understands the challenges posed by the recent developments in the sector and supports leading regional oil and gas companies, suppliers and stakeholders alike, across the entire value chain.

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Selection of our industry references

Patient-centric, digital, ready for the future

Pharmaceutical value chains are becoming increasingly complex. With our deep understanding of the industry and profound knowledge of trends CAMELOT helps life sciences companies to master today´s challenges and set up their value chains for the future.

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Selection of our industry references

Demand-Driven LEAN SCM – an innovative paradigm shift for CPGs

Global value chains in consumer product goods industries are insufficiently equipped and orchestrated to cope effectively with today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) market environment. Find out how CAMELOT helps CPG companies to achieve a real differentiation and successfully navigate through the VUCA world.

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Selection of our industry references

Specialized expertise

CAMELOT provides future-oriented industry expertise, innovations and a superior quality that only a true consulting specialist is able to offer. Through focusing on selected industries and our core capability value chain management we understand you and your industry with its challenges and trends like no other consulting company.

By delivering feasible concepts and solutions we sustainably improve our clients’ performance and market position, from strategy to measurable results.

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Always a step ahead – work with us on strategies and feasible concepts that have the power to transform value chains forever. We inspire our clients with our innovative concepts and excellent consulting services from day to day. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the diversity of our employees and their unique ideas.

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