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An important step towards a sustainable supply chain

Value Chain Strategy

Adaptive value chain strategy and business model innovation are key to succeeding in the New Now.

​Staying competitive in the New Now

Our value chain strategy & business model innovation services help clients create superior value chain models. Tailored to the situation of your company, we use proven concepts and solutions first to review your competitive position and value chain performance, and then define targeted actions to capture the value through superior design, optimization, and business model innovation.

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How we help clients


Value Chain Performance Improvement

Turning value chains into an engine for business value through advanced approaches.


Business Model Innovation

Designing the value chain models of tomorrow that drive innovation and future competitive advantage.


Strategic Value Chain & Network Design​

How to achieve a new quality of value chain and network design: truly end-to-end, adaptive, and dynamic.


Value Chain Assessment

Cost-efficient, service-oriented, sustainable, resilient: with a new assessment approach we help you pave the way towards a best-in-class value chain.


German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act: Impact & Implementation

The new Supply Chain Due Diligence Act makes the sustainable and socially responsible supply chain transformation mandatory for organizations.


CAMELOT is a recognized global consulting leader for value chain management. For more than 25 years we have been helping our clients transform their value chains into competitive advantage – from strategy to tangible business value. ​

First-class expertise​

CAMELOT is a boutique consultancy for value chain management. Clients benefit from our 25+ years of specialized expertise and a track record in delivering cash, cost, and service improvements.​

​Industry insights​

We are practitioners with first-hand understanding of your industry‘s challenges, trends, and leading practices. With industry-specific blueprints and approaches, we guide quick value capture. ​

​Business value​

CAMELOT effectively connects strategy with data science, digital solutions, and implementation skills, using an agile concept development approach to drive superior business value.​

Thomas Ebel, Partner Value Chain Strategy & Transformation, CAMELOT Management Consultants​
We are working on nothing less than re-inventing value chain management in the New Normal. The key lies in bringing people and technology together in an optimal way.

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Thomas Ebel Camelot

Thomas Ebel

Partner Value Chain Strategy & Transformation​

Experienced value chain strategist helping companies transform their value chain into a value engine for the business, bringing together strategy and digital innovation.

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