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Digital Value Chain Transformation

Helping clients thrive in the digital age

​Roadmap into your digital future

The digital revolution is driving rapid changes in technologies and business models. To capitalize on these developments, companies need to answer the questions: How do I set up my organization for the digital transformation? Where do I start? How do I know what I need? How can I take my people along on the digital journey? ​At CAMELOT, we can help you in all aspects of the digital transformation of your value chain – including vision, change process, and solution ecosystem.

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The self-driving value chain

Leading companies have already started implementation towards a self-driving value chain. To remain competitive, companies need to transform their end-to-end operating model. Explore the different building blocks of the value chain of the future.

Future procurement

  • Automation of >80% of the procurement function driven by RPA and data analytics
  • Closer collaboration of suppliers and buyers on integrated platforms enabled by blockchains
  • Automated freight rate renewal through benchmarked based freight rate index

Finance/business integration

  • Seamless integration of value and volume streams
  • Real-time simulation of P&L impacts of value chain decisions
  • Early warning signals for financial performance by monitoring of operational metrics

Digital manufacturing

  • Direct machine-to-machine communication for real-time optimization of production flows
  • Real-time production feedback for improvement of planning processes and prediction of deficiencies or line failures
  • Sensor-based, root cause analysis and production loss accounting

Supply chain control tower

  • Planner role evolving from administrator to setting parameters and managing disruptions
  • Forward-looking monitoring based on smart alerts
  • Decision-support systems to minimize and optimize involvement of human planning

Autonomous supply planning

  • Rules-based end-to-end optimization and synchronization of parameters
  • Virtual planning bots decide within predefined confidence intervals
  • Closed-loop self-driving planning in digital twin

Logistics 4.0

  • Order consolidation and load optimization based on predictive analytics
  • End-to-end supply risk management based on e.g. weather data
  • Sensor-driven track & trace triggers replenishment and provides real-time information
  • Automated slot scheduling based on location tracking and gate management supported by machine learning

Next-generation demand management

  • Multidimensional data foundation including external data
  • Use of machine-learning techniques such as neural networks
  • Moving from reactive forecasting to demand shaping and profit optimization


Digital transformation is the management challenge of the next decade. It cannot be delegated to singular departments. Each CEO plays an inevitable role in finding the right aspiration and balance to take the organization along the digital journey. We support clients on this journey by bringing together transformation and change management expertise, a profound understanding of organizational behavior and culture as well as latest technology know-how.

Organizational agility

Beyond hierarchies with new roles

Digital culture

Innovation, transparency & collaboration

Digital leaders

Informed decision at speed

Digital capabilities

Interdisciplinary skills and striving after the latest developments

External collaboration platforms

Value chain networks and partnerships

Solution Ecosystem

Our vision of the self-driving value chain spans across functions as well as from planning to execution. Therefore, the future solution landscape needs to combine systems that lay the digital foundations, differentiate from the competition, and drive innovation.


  • Data science platform for machine learning integration

Advanced visibility

  • Supply chain control tower
  • Machine-learning based smart alert system
  • Financial impact simulation
  • Sensor-based root cause analysis
  • Data quality monitor
  • Sensor-driven track & trace

Optimization ML/ advanced analytics

  • Process mining for value chains
  • CAMELOT Rhythm Wheel changeover time optimization

Process automation

  • Innovating human-machine interface with decision support systems
  • Integrating RPA in a standard software environment
  • RPA software enhanced by AI algorithms/ services

Autonomous planning & execution

  • Dynamic rule-based parameter renewal
  • No-touch supply planning within target thresholds

Examples of Our Work

Digital Manufacturing & Industrial IoT at Heintz van Landewyck

The implementation of Digital Manufacturing and Industrial IoT solutions helped Heintz van Landewyck to reach a fully automated, transparent and real-time production system. 
CAMELOT’s DigitalExperience2 approach enabled transparency across all production steps and increased the quality of production significantly while reducing the overall waste.

End-to-end supply chain transformation at BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

Through a digital transformation, the entire supply chain of BSH was transferred into a Demand-Driven end-to-end supply chain supported by the implementation of a cloud-based solution. CAMELOT helped BSH to reach a new level of resilience despite high demand volatility and market complexity, resulting in optimal inventory levels and reduced overall supply chain costs.

Machine learning at Evonik

ML empowered data enrichment for master data management helped Evonik to automate the data extraction process from semi-structured and diverse documents.
Manual efforts in packaging material creation were highly automated by the seamless integration via standard software applications.


Leveraging 25+ years of proven expertise in value chain transformation as well as profound technology and implementation know-how provided by our own Innovative Technologies Lab, we can help you along your entire digital transformation journey – from vision to solution ecosystem.

Digital innovation

In client projects, we leverage the technology capabilities of our own Camelot Innovative Technologies Lab as well as our Centers of Digital Innovation for IoT, blockchain, artificial intelligence, analytics, cloud, and mobile.

Agile and fast​

Our DigitalExperience² approach turns your ideas into tangible digital use cases within just a few weeks. ​

Sustainable impact

Clients benefit from our people-first approach and leading practices for digital transformation journeys. Our transformation analytics tool PulseShiftTM provides data-based insights to ensure the effectiveness of the transformation.

Thomas Ebel, Partner Value Chain Strategy & Transformation, CAMELOT Management Consultants​
Value Chain Management in the digital age is about finding the optimal way to bring people and technology together.
Jens Steuer, Partner Industrial Manufacturing & Digital Transformation, CAMELOT Management Consultants
Where conventional lean methods fail to cope with complex and volatile market requirements, digital technologies enable further productivity improvement.

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Thomas Ebel Camelot

Thomas Ebel

Partner Value Chain Strategy & Transformation​

Experienced value chain strategist helping companies transform their value chain into a value engine for the business, bringing together strategy and digital innovation.

Jens Steuer

Partner Industrial Manufacturing & Digital Transformation

Heads the global industrial manufacturing practice worldwide. He supports clients in functional excellence programs and the development of strategies to improve performance and organizational effectiveness.

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