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Helping chemical companies on their way towards chemistry 4.0​

Chemistry 4.0: success model for competitive edge and growth

​Digitization and orientation toward responsible use of resources, as well as the emergence of new markets and shifting value chains, are presenting the global chemical industry with great challenges while offering enormous opportunities. CAMELOT helps chemical companies implement forward-thinking strategies and harness the opportunities of chemistry 4.0.​

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How we help clients

Value chain analytics​

  • ​Support with managing and optimizing complex value chains (Verbund structures) using the latest data analytics methods​

Supply chain 2025+​

  • ​Trend-setting concepts that bridge the gap between cost efficiency, complexity management and client satisfaction​

​Site strategy​

  • Advice with the efficient management of industry parks and the development of sustainable strategies for owners and operators​

Segmentation and transformation of business models​

  • Support with the alignment of organizations, processes and systems to optimally manage diversified business portfolios​

Transformation of organizations​

  • Support for tasks typical for the industry in carve-out processes, such as the segmentation of value chains, the division of production sites or the development of service agreements​

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The chemicals practice of CAMELOT offers chemical companies profound industry knowledge, combined with longstanding experience in supporting business transformation and innovative thinking.​

Industry expertise​

CAMELOT’s chemistry specialists have a comprehensive and far-reaching understanding of the chemicals business, especially in the performance chemicals and polymers areas.​

Seniority ​

Senior advisers with considerable leadership experience in designing business transformation for leading chemical companies will support your project on site.​

Innovative edge​

Our experts for innovative technologies know how to unlock new value with digital technologies. They are part of our project teams from the very beginning.​

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