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Digital Transformation in Logistics

Which innovation fits your needs? We help you find the right digital transformation approach for your logistics operations and accompany you along the entire transformation journey from digital logistics vision to tangible benefits.​

​Launch your digital transformation in logistics​

Logistics executives today face important strategic choices about how to take advantage of fast-moving technology innovations. CAMELOT helps you master the challenges posed by the broad variety of digital logistics solutions and their disruptive potential for your current business model. Our goal is to create value for your customers and your logistics organization with digital innovations that are exactly right for you.​

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How we help clients

​Digital logistics strategy​

  • Define digitalization strategy in logistics​
  • Formalize logistics vision​
  • Re-think current business model & value proposition​
  • Uncover digital improvement potential due to business model innovations​

​Digital roadmap​

  • Assess digital readiness: business & IT maturity evaluation​
  • Identify key digital use cases with potential for value creation
  • Business case calculation, risk & benefit analysis​
  • Prioritize use cases on a digital roadmap​

​Operating model re-design​

  • Embed digital solutions into current operating model​
  • Process re-engineering & optimization​
  • Organizational impact assessment​
  • Elaborate a targeted IT landscape​
  • Final use case validation and launch support​

Digital transport management​

  • Automation of transport management process​
  • Digital enhancements to support your transport management needs​
  • Seamless integration of innovations into operative transport management ​
  • Ready-to-use prototypes​

Integrated logistics management

  • Integrate planning and execution processes for transport & warehousing
  • Enable supply chain execution & collaboration on one digital platform
  • Design a powerful digital framework for optimized logistics execution
  • Create end-to-end visibility

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CAMELOT’s consulting teams combine a deep understanding of logistics operations with detailed knowledge about digital trends and technologies. We help you make your digital logistics vision a reality.​

Logistics & digital know-how​

Benefit from a group of experts that combine logistics know-how with digital expertise to make your digital transformation journey a success.​ Our constantly-growing digital opportunity database comprises innovative ideas, detailed concepts as well as ready-to-use digital solutions.

Proven approach & experience​

We have a successful track record of assessing the potential of digitalization and identifying the digital logistics use cases that provide the maximum added value.​

Integrated consulting approach​

Digital logistics transformation requires a broad range of capabilities. We guide you from strategy to implementation leveraging a large pool of logistics, process, and technical experts as well as digital masterminds from our CAMELOT Consulting Group network.​


Zsolt Simon

Managing Consultant

Seasoned logistics expert focusing on network optimization and transport management

From Strategy to Innovative Solutions

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