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Services for Logistics Service Providers (LSP)​

Staying competitive in disruptive times requires superior understanding of customer needs as well as knowing the trends and strategies that drive change in your customers’ markets. ​

​Securing profitability requires understanding the customer​

3PL, 4PL, or LLP need to adapt to ever-increasing cost pressure and service requirements in a very competitive market with new digital players. The challenge is to build strong competence and partnerships with customers that have growing supply chain knowledge and expectations towards their service providers. ​

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How we help clients

Vertical market strategy​​​

  • Understand market size and trends as well as customer needs ​​
  • Outside-in-view on current market positioning and competitive situation​
  • Definition of USP and value proposition​
  • Best-fitting services matching also internal capabilities, growth, and profit targets ​
  • Roadmap for implementation​​

4PL/LLP service offering​

  • ​Clarity on market size and expectations towards 4PL/LLP model​
  • Fit-gap-analysis of current setup ​
  • Decide upon customer target group and business model ​
  • Define service portfolio and operating model, including IT strategy​
  • Rollout strategy and transformation support​

Digital transformation​

  • Process improvement with robotics in warehousing ​
  • Enhancements of transport management, e.g. in state-of-the-art lane risk assessment, benchmarking, real-time traceability​
  • AI/advanced data science applied to freight consolidation, route selection, freight procurement​
  • Identification of use cases for big data and smart data approaches​

Turnaround strategy & organizational redesign ​​

  • Assessment of target market, service offering, capabilities, organizational setup, quality of processes and operations as well as supporting IT ​ ​​
  • Provide 100 days quick-win analysis​​
  • Define turnaround roadmap​
  • Program management office​

Proposal development support​

  • ​Clarity on market size and expectations towards 4PL/LLP model​
  • Expected competitive situation and definition of USP and value proposition​
  • Collaborative solution development and costing​
  • Agree on pricing strategy​

Digital transport management​

  • Automation of transport management process​
  • Digital enhancements to support your transport management needs​
  • Seamless integration of innovations into operative transport management ​
  • Ready-to-use prototypes, compatible with leading ERP systems​
Constantin Reuter, Principal & Competence Center Head Sourcing & Network Enabling,
CAMELOT Management Consultants
Leadership in logistics services requires a continuous focus on customer needs, advanced IT systems, and the smart use of digital technologies.

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We effectively combine an understanding of the logistics service industry and profound knowledge of the industry’s processes and needs with digital leadership, proven in numerous projects with leading LSP.

Operational experience​

CAMELOT’s experts combine management consulting capabilities with years of first-hand operational experience with leading logistics service providers.​

Market expertise​

Our experience is grounded on a multitude of projects in LSP target industries paired with market insights from continuous research studies and industry panels.​

Digital innovation​

Benefit from an extensive group of experts with digital leadership in transport and warehouse management as well as in AI, big data, sensor technology, and collaboration platforms.​


Constantin Reuter


Experienced supply chain advisor with a focus on transport management, distribution strategy, network optimization, 4PL setups, logistics sourcing, and chemical logistics

Steve Simco

Head of Logistics and Distribution, North America

Focused on network planning, transportation, warehousing and specialty distribution.

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