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How We Work Camelot

How We Work

Delivering answers to New Now challenges

We help our clients succeed in the New Now by building high-performing, resilient, and sustainable value chains. 

Responding to the New Now

Trade wars, climate change, pandemics, digital disruption: these are just some examples of the forces that are driving the unprecedented levels of volatility and uncertainty we keep observing in our social and business environment. Today’s value chains with their inflexible structures, reactive planning, and internal noise and firefighting are not set up to compete in this disruptive environment.

Working on a global level, CAMELOT helps clients identify and capture opportunities for competitive edge and growth along the value chain. We apply an outstanding depth of expertise on both functional and industry level. Our experts leverage knowledge, innovation, and thought leadership to create certainty for our clients in the unpredictable New Now.

Trusted Partner in
Value Chain Transformation

Expertise you can rely on

Your business is our focus. We specialize in value chain transformation in the life sciences, chemical, consumer goods, and industrial manufacturing industries. Our consultants are experienced value chain experts with first-hand understanding of your industry‘s challenges, trends, and leading practices. With industry-specific blueprints and approaches, we guide quick value capture. ​

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How We Innovate

Novel responses

The New Now requires entirely different answers. With diverse teams, our Centers of Digital Innovation, and 14% of our revenues spent on innovation, we deliver customer-centric value chain innovations. Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Analytics, or GreenMind2 for Sustainable Value Chains are just a few examples.

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Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management

We provide market-leading capabilities in Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management: from first undestanding to business impact.


Supply Chain Analytics

With advanced supply chain analytics, we deliver the supply chain insights you need: descriptive, predictive, prescriptive.



Innovation for sustainable values: green intelligence, green strategy, and green solutions.

Value Chain Management
at the Leading Edge:
From Strategy to Solution

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