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Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Flexible, reliable, and resilient value chains are crucial in the era of patient centricity.

Building the future-proof life sciences value chain

Life sciences value chains that operated perfectly in the past decade are not prepared to handle today’s industry challenges: shrinking healthcare budgets leading to increasing price pressure, the need to refocus business models, the rise of biotech products, and personalized medicine with fundamentally different supply chain requirements.

CAMELOT supports life science companies in transforming their value chains to better meet the needs of patients and health care providers.

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How we help clients

Supply chain strategy & segmentation

  • ​​Develop your supply chain strategy from a  customer and business perspective
  • Segment your supply chain to best meet customer and business needs
  • Implement your strategy and achieve sustainable excellence

Production & distribution network strategy

  • Holistic demand & supply assessment
  • Outside-in view: impacts of market, technology, and industry trends​
  • Footprint optimization and asset strategy (‘make vs. buy’)​
  • Business case review and financial modeling​

Supply Chain Management

  • Apply innovative supply chain planning concepts
  • From proof of value to pilot implementation & global rollout
  • Training and Demand-Driven enablement through CAMELOT’s certified instructors

Data management &
data analytics

  • Enabling insights that help organizations make better decisions
  • Design & implement next-generation data solutions that integrate innovative technologies
  • Gain insights from data to accelerate business performance

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​CAMELOT’s recognized expertise in building highly reliable, flexible, and innovative value chains is the reason why life sciences clients have been turning to us for over 20 years.​

Leading-edge industry expertise​

CAMELOT is a consulting specialist for value chain management with over 20 years of experience and a track record of improving liquidity, costs and performance for our life sciences clients.

Future-oriented market know-how

We deliver innovative and realizable concepts and solutions along the entire value chain based on future-oriented market knowledge, driving competitive advantage for our clients.​

​Innovation for new competitive edge

CAMELOT blends strategy with data science, digital solutions, and implementation expertise. Combined with an agile approach, we create new business value for clients.

Libor Kotlik, Managing Partner, CAMELOT Management Consultants​
Digitalization in life sciences was adapted slowly but is speeding up now. Clinical trials supported by immutable blockchain technology, demand forecast improved with artificial intelligence, and digital supply chains for real-time visibility and decisions – the digital pharma future has begun.

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Libor Kotlik

Managing Partner

Trusted adivsor to the top management; helps clients transform their value chains for a competitive advantage

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