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Supply Chain Management

How to transform your supply chain into a competitive advantage

Mastering the unexpected

Supply chain leaders can’t avoid business uncertainty, but they can build resilient supply chains that drive profitability and growth in a disruptive reality.

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How we help clients


Supply Chain Diagnostics

CAMELOT’s supply chain diagnostics approach is a structured supply chain scan to enable next-level SCM.


Supply Chain Design

Adaptive supply chain design is key to achieving the required levels of service, cost, risk, flexibility, and innovation.


Supply Chain Transformation

Transforming the supply chain from a cost factor into a real value engine enables a competitive edge and outstanding returns.


Supply Chain Analytics

With advanced supply chain analytics, we deliver the supply chain insights you need: descriptive, predictive, prescriptive.


Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Helping clients embed Integrated Business Planning end-to-end in their organization. IBP is the evolution of S&OP.


Production Planning & Scheduling

Our experts support you in mastering complexity and volatility with sustainable, next-generation production planning. Arrange Callback



CAMELOT’s procurement experts help clients accelerate the transformation of procurement into a value driver.


Distribution & Logistics

Meeting rising customer expectations requires new collaboration models and integrated, digital concepts in logistics.


Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management

We provide market-leading capabilities in Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management: from first undestanding to business impact.


CAMELOT Project Accelerators

Jumpstart your supply chain project with powerful data analyses and simulations through CAMELOT’s Analyzer Apps powered by Elixum.

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Our Ecosystem

At CAMELOT, we focus on aligning state-of-the-art system solutions with the specific needs of your industry. We take a client-centered approach, analyzing your requirements without bias towards any particular technology. Our expertise is bolstered by top-tier partnerships with leading technology providers, guaranteeing you access to the newest innovations customized to meet your strategic objectives.


CAMELOT is a recognized leader in supply chain management consulting with a strong track record of creating value within focused assignments as well as in complex supply chain transformations across various industries, powered by a profound understanding of industry trends and innovative strength.

Leading SCM expertise

SCM is one of CAMELOT’s core capabilities. Clients and analysts alike have acclaimed the excellent quality and innovative nature of our conceptual thinking as well as our ability to execute.

First-hand industry insights

We are a group of practitioners with deep, first-hand understanding of industry trends. Our consultants are sought advisors for supply chain transformations in our core industries.

Innovators for resilient supply chains

CAMELOT effectively connects innovative supply chain concepts, digital technologies, and analytics to build superior and resilient supply chains for our clients.

Christian Kroschl, Partner, CAMELOT Management Consultants
The corona crisis has redefined the significance of global supply chains. Leading supply chains in the 2020s will be agile and resilient to ensure sustainability and profitability.

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Christian Kroschl

Partner Operations

Heads the Consulting Line Supply Chain Management at CAMELOT and helps clients achieve a truly integrated and calibrated supply chain

Markus Geutler

Partner, SCM & Operations

Focuses on transforming the global supply chains of our US based customers.

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