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Automotive Logistics

Cost pressure, growing complexity and JIT deliveries are daily challenges in automotive logistics. Can your supply chain balance stable logistics services and the increasing speed of change? ​

Driving excellence in automotive logistics requires a dynamic supply chain​

Leveraging a profound automotive logistics experience, we align networks for holistic control and harmonized processes. Visibility throughout all steps in the supply chain yields security and control in the daily business to agilely realign the supply chain with upcoming changes. Drawing on our technological know-how, we offer efficient logistics solutions for your individual needs in the automotive sector.​

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How we help clients

​Logistics integration & visibility​

  • Integrate visibility on value-adding supply chain points, from suppliers to production site ​
  • Link your supply chain end-to-end including IT landscapes and collaboration partners​
  • Ensure a seamless data management and information flow ​
  • Evaluate visibility tools and systems, from track & trace to IoT, to support an all-time overview and control​
  • Implementation support, leveraging the IT capabilities of our affiliate Camelot ITLab​

Transport management​

  • Understand transport management as a core competence in automotive logistics to foster seamless production flows​
  • React flexibly to unsure production forecasts, lack of capacity and ad-hoc transports with supporting systems and resource capabilities​
  • Manage assets and goods in the daily firefighting with integrated visibility and a reliable information flow​
  • Our large transport management project experience ensures a smooth integration into the daily business​

Logistics partner strategy​

  • Understand commercial and contractual collaboration models as key factors of supplier and distribution strategies ​
  • Find the best solutions for your supply chain, from single services, multiple partners, outsourcing strategies up to LLP​
  • Evaluate benefits, risks, and resources of your future logistics partner management ​

Network design​

  • Define network potentials, priorities, and targets for action points by visualization and redesign​
  • Align your network to be a stable basis for time-critical deliveries, cost-efficient transport management, reliable information flow, and volume deviations​
  • Establish monitoring and event handling to increase planning and forecasting flexibility, from the raw material to the automobile​
Andreas Gmür, Partner Logistik, CAMELOT Management Consultants​
Tough JIT requirements, increasing complexity, and extreme cost pressure have rendered the air thin for automotive logistics. Visibility and agility are the oxygen for achieving a new level of logistics excellence.

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CAMELOT will support you with an end-to-end logistics understanding and technical expertise to define feasible and impactful actions, be it optimized automotive logistics, integrated networks, advanced planning and forecasting, or cost-efficient transport management.​

Addressing operational challenges​

Making use of the right technologies at the right point in your supply chain helps you troubleshoot every challenge in your daily business. ​

Profound logistics know-how​

20+ years of know-how and experience with the challenges and needs of logistics execution makes CAMELOT the best partner for your supply chain project.​

From strategy to business impact​

Benefit from an extensive group of experts with digital leadership, infusing continuous visibility and control into your supply chain.


Andreas Gmür Camelot

Andreas Gmür


Heads the logistics consulting division, helping clients in logistics topics from strategy definition to the transformation of process and IT landscapes

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