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Sustainable. Resilient. Transparent.

CAMELOT at the German Logistics Congress 2022, Booth P/12

Mannheim, 10/19/2022 “Sustainable. Resilient. Transparent.” – This will be the motto of the consulting specialist CAMELOT Management Consultants at this year’s annual congress of the German Logistics Association (BVL) in Berlin. On display will be strategies and solutions that get companies in shape for the logistics and supply chain challenges of now and the future. The experts from CAMELOT will be available to conference visitors for technical discussions from October 19 to 21 at booth P/12.

The last two years have impressively shown the considerable contribution logistics makes when it comes to ensuring supply reliability but also the problems it has to contend with. At the German Logistics Congress, CAMELOT will address the most urgent challenges currently facing the industry and present corresponding concepts and solutions:

Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains

From January 1, 2023, the Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains will come into force in Germany for companies with more than 3,000 employees and will impose new obligations on companies. The law stipulates that companies must transform their supply chains to make them more sustainable and socially responsible. They are urged to approach the implementation in a strategic and proactive manner. CAMELOT and everstream ANALYTICS, a global leader in supply chain insights and risk analytics, have teamed up to provide companies with a perfectly attuned solution comprised of risk management consulting and a software package.

Supply Chain Resilience

In addition, CAMELOT demonstrates how supply chain resilience can be directly taken into account in the strategic design of logistics networks. The consulting specialist has specially developed a simulation approach that not only helps to optimize networks for the normal case but also takes potential faults directly into account as a part of the network improvement.

Capacity Bottlenecks in Transport

The capacity bottlenecks that have become clearly apparent in recent months require a new type of logistics planning and working relationship with logistics service providers. To achieve this, a company’s supply chain planning and logistics departments must work more closely together. CAMELOT uses supply chain forecasts in its consulting projects and translates them into logistics requirements that are tightly integrated into the transportation planning of its corporate customers. It allows earlier and more reliable reservation of transport.

Control Tower/ Visibility

Legal and operational requirements mean that having transparency about the supply chain is now more important than ever. This doesn’t just concern tracking items, it also, and rather more importantly, concerns understanding the impact on the supply chain and taking appropriate countermeasures. CAMELOT’s booth will demonstrate the critical importance of predictive analytics methods as well as the use of additional live data such as weather and traffic to achieve supply chain visibility.

Green Supply Chain

A sustainable value chain is increasingly becoming a core strategic issue for companies around the world. CAMELOT’s GreenMind2Competence Center supports companies on their path to becoming leaders in sustainability. The comprehensive value chain and data expertise enables the consulting specialist to combine its many years of experience with technological know-how for green assessments, strategies and roadmaps.


For many companies, fragmented processes and system landscapes in logistics mean that further automating processes is still a challenge. CAMELOT’s Hyperautomation Platform enables companies to deploy a scalable automation platform directly out-of-the-box and as-a-service. It is integrated directly into existing IT infrastructures to fully exploit the potential of their data and business processes.

“Alles paletti?”

This is CAMELOT’s motto on its search for new logistics consultants. Those interested can find out about open positions and career opportunities directly at the CAMELOT booth P/12 or on the CAMELOT careers page.

The German Logistics Congress is one of the most important international networking events for supply chain and logistics executives. It will take place in Berlin from October 19 to 21. The motto of this year’s congress is “Supply Chains Matter!”.

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