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Logistics Maturity Self-Assessment

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Identify Your Next Steps Towards Your Future Logistics Excellence

Logistics has to cope with a multitude serious challenges nowadays. Dramatically increasing fuel prices combined with looming uncertainty of supply, severe transport capacity and driver shortages, lockdowns and congestions along the supply chain and interruptions of delivery routes due to various conflicts – logistics managers are facing new and threatening challenges. In addition to this, they see themselves confronted with to demanding megatrends, like sustainability, digital transformation and, recently, regionalization. On the other side, requirements towards logistics and supply chain management are continuously growing. Constantly optimized cost level, high-performing logistics and resilient supply chain operations are becoming a considerable competitive advantage and an important factor for customer satisfaction.

The compelling need to ensure delivery capability for the company on the required service level puts an extreme pressure on logistics managers under the current circumstances. A solid logistics operating model characterized by high process efficiency is an essential prerequisite to overcome today´s challenge.

You want to find out if your companies’ logistics setup still fulfills today’s requirements?

Our Logistics Maturity Self-Assessment includes a set of questions and statements covering different logistics criteria & maturity levels. You can go to these questions and mark the check boxes which describes your companies’ current state. Download the Self-Assessment document and get inspired for the next steps to further increase your logistics services and setup.

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