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Purchasing Logistics Services in the Chemical Industry

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A Contribution to Increasing Competitiveness

Study_Logistics services in the chemical industry

Competitive through logistics purchasing

The chemical industry is one of Germany’s most important key industries after the automotive industry and mechanical engineering. The economic success of the industry has a high impact on Germany as a business location and on the prosperity of the population. In addition to production or research, Germany’s third-largest economic sector, logistics, is also responsible for a not inconsiderable share of the chemical industry’s economic achievement. The share of logistics costs in relation to sales in the chemical industry is between 5 % and 12 % and is thus an important cost driver.

In this context, a survey was conducted with selected experts from the chemical logistics/supply chain management sector of the chemical industry. The aim of this survey was to better understand the role of purchasing logistics services in the chemical industry.

In our study, we present the results of our expert survey. We hope you enjoy the survey results and their interpretation!

This study is only available in German.

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