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PHARMA Management Radar: Logistics Outsourcing 4PL/LLP

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Globalization, enlarged product portfolios due to acquisitions as well as new requirements regarding products and services have dramatically changed the supply chains of the life sciences industry over the past years. In addition, digitalization opens up new opportunities, but also creates major challenges for life sciences logistics. Against this backdrop, the question of whether to ‘make or buy’ logistics services gains new significance. Which processes should a life sciences company carry out itself and which should be assigned to external service providers? For some time already, CAMELOT Management Consultants has been observing an increasing demand for the identification of the scope of service and the selection of fourth party logistics (4PL) and lead logistics providers (LLP).

To help companies explore the collaboration with 4PL/LLP service providers, the 9th PHARMA Management Radar survey sheds light on the following questions:

  • What is the motivation for this type of extensive outsourcing?
  • How do life sciences executives assess their 4PL/LLP outsourcing initiatives?
  • What expectations do life sciences companies have towards the collaboration model with 4PL/LLP?
  • How is 4PL/LLP outsourcing perceived in the context of digitalization?

In addition, the survey examines current trends in the life sciences industry.

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