Lean production processes for maximum efficiency

Maximum production efficiency and the highest possible level of availability and flexibility are the necessary requirements for maintaining a competitive position in the market.

An excellent production system, coordinated with the supply chain, with consistent information and material flows, high plant availability rates, short lead times, a high degree of added value and binding standards provide this competitive advantage. The aim of the LEAN manufacturing approach is to realize such a production system with minimum use of resources.

LEAN manufacturing is a significant tool, tailored to local production to optimize production processes. Integrating LEAN manufacturing into a comprehensive LEAN SCM is the necessary next step, especially in the global value chains of the chemical, life sciences, CPG and manufacturing industries.

As industry experts, we take into consideration general conditions within each sector such as market variability, plant structure, batch sizes and set-up times and provide tailored solutions.

CAMELOT’s LEAN manufacturing expertise:

  • Developing LEAN manufacturing and LEAN supply chain management strategies
  • Leveled flow design for LEAN production and supply chain structures
  • Implementing Kaizen/KVP, 5S, Visual Management, SMED and OEE
  • Variability analysis and management
  • Debottlenecking, bottleneck management and increasing output
  • Designing and implementing processes for production leveling, flow, kanban and pull
  • Designing and implementing planning processes (e.g. rhythm wheels)
  • Simulating LEAN manufacturing and LEAN SCM processes to calculate effects on inventories, service levels, COGS and output

We will help you implement your LEAN transformation as well as LEAN manufacturing and LEAN SCM organizational structures.



Dennis Herrmann
Dennis Herrmann
LEAN Six Sigma Master Black Belt