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LEAN Manufacturing

High availability and flexibility are key factors for competitiveness. The prerequisite: a LEAN management system coordinated with the supply chain with continuous information, material flows and short lead times.

Ensuring flow in the processes

With our tried and tested methodical approach, we identify and eliminate process breaks, bottlenecks, and waste in the material and information flows for our clients. Together with people from all hierarchical levels and across the functions involved, we ensure that the process runs smoothly and sustainably. To this end, the status quo is continuously reviewed and refined as part of a continuous improvement process. As an industry specialist for the process, consumer goods, and manufacturing industries, we support clients in integrating LEAN manufacturing into a comprehensive LEAN supply chain management system, taking into account the industry-specific requirements.

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How we help clients

Management system

  • Implementation of systems to control and track continuous improvement processes
  • Design and implementation of multi-level closed meeting circuit
  • Role description within a management system

Performance management

  • Key figure systems and reports
  • Measurement system analysis for sustainable performance monitoring
  • Visualization of the performance in business areas

LEAN toolbox

  • Role-specific selection of LEAN methods
  • Prioritization of solutions and targeted implementation
  • Measurability of success and sustainable control

Cultural change

  • Implementation of the culture of continuous improvement
  • Pragmatic “Gemba” approach to achieving change quickly
  • Communication concepts to support cultural change

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Leveraging our extensive experience from numerous optimization projects, we help you develop individual solutions that take into account the industry-specific supply chain and operations requirements in the chemical, life sciences, consumer goods, and industrial manufacturing industries.

Hands-on experience

The consultants in our LEAN Management Practice have extensive operational experience in designing highly effective process flows and eliminating waste.

Proven methods

Our practice includes certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belts as well as digital transformation experts.

Data-driven change management

With field-tested and data-driven change management approaches, we support the sustainable implementation of a culture of continuous improvement.

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