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Transformation Analytics​​

Successful transformations are data-driven. CAMELOT’s integrated transformation analytics solution PulseShift helps you increase the effectiveness of your change program. ​

Improving change effectiveness at lower costs​

​Leveraging CAMELOTs intelligent transformation analytics solution PulseShift, we provide reliable, data-based insights on how your organization reacts to change. This allows you to provide targeted change engagement measures and monitor their effectiveness. ​

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CAMELOT’s intelligent transformation analytics solution PulseShift improves change effectiveness at lower costs – the game changer for your business transformation!

How we help clients

Stakeholder sentiment​

  • Running anonymized feedback dialogs​
  • Identifying relevant employees to engage in the feedback dialog​
  • Revealing communication and collaboration structures within the enterprise and identifying top contributors​

Targeted information​

  • Providing individualized information with high relevance​
  • Engaging in a digital closed-looped communication dialog​
  • Distributing learning nuggets to increase the understanding for new ways of working​
  • Applying nudging to trigger desired behavioral outcomes​

​Impact monitoring​

  • Tracking information consumption and individual relevance ​
  • Analyzing target group specific behaviors​
  • Showing real time stakeholder impact
  • Identifying correlations of change actions with organizational health and performance data​

Identifying patterns​

  • Leveraging data insights to develop change patterns​
  • Increasing predictability for change effectiveness​
  • Reducing manual effort and mistakes via smart agent support​
  • Providing shortcuts to decrease unnecessary change management expenses​

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​CAMELOT uniquely combines expertise in data analytics, change management experience, and industry know-how. We thus help clients steer complex transformations with an unprecedented level of transparency, and consequently, greatly reduced project risks and increased odds of success. ​

Facts instead of instinct​

​CAMELOT’s transformation analytics experts provide clients with actionable insights, leveraging our unique PulseShift solution. ​

Measures that really work

Change and learning experts with a proven track record and extensive industry and functional experience, who will tailor our approach to your company’s needs.​

Fast understanding & effective action

Our consultants are at home in your industry, they know your processes and understand the strategic and operational challenges.​


Ludmilla Kemling

Head of Change Experience

Accomplished change management practitioner supporting clients in large-scale business transformations with functional knowledge, industry experience, and CAMELOT’s data-driven approach to stakeholder management, communication, and capability development

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