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Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Integrated Business Planning (IBP), the evolution of S&OP, aligns operational and tactical with strategic and financial planning processes. CAMELOT helps clients embed the IBP process end-to-end in their organization.

Driving cross-functional collaboration for profitable growth

State-of-the-art methodologies and processes for demand planning, inventory planning, supply planning, master production planning, procurement planning, S&OP, and IBP are key success factors for resilient value chains and profitable growth. CAMELOT’s IBP approach integrates operational and tactical plans and decisions with strategic and financial planning with value-based decision-making as a core element.

We guide clients end-to-end from concept to implementation with state-of-the-art technological solutions, leveraging the capabilities of our affiliate Camelot ITLab. CAMELOT helps clients to successfully establish cross-functional collaboration, and we enable them to plan volume and value-based, utilize scenario planning and leverage artificial intelligence to run the entire planning process in a highly automated manner.

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How we help clients

Analyze & assess

  • Assessing the key dimensions: strategy, structure, organization, processes, metrics, and data
  • Analyze overall performance and supply chain efficiency
  • Driver-based root cause analysis of inefficiencies in the supply chain
  • Identification of improvement potential to drive key supply chain and financial KPIs
  • Segmentation and prioritization of required action
  • Implementation plan and support for improvement actions


  • Define supply chain set-up and configuration based on a holistic approach
  • Design best practice template incl. supply chain planning processes, roles & responsibilities, and metrics
  • Tailor best practices for processes, organizational design, and metrics to the client-specific needs
  • Design the integration and collaboration along the cross-functional process to achieve seamless end-to-end planning and execution


  • Implementation of a new supply chain design and configuration
  • Embed end-to-end planning processes and roles enterprise-wide
  • Provide unique business transformation and change management for a successful implementation
  • Quantitative and qualitative KPI approach to measure the success of the implementation
  • Technology implementation support through our affiliate Camelot ITLab

Evaluate tool

  • Requirement analysis based on best practice process and stakeholder interviews​
  • Software comparison and evaluation incl. license/operational and implementation cost​

  • Evaluation with regards to the general IT architecture and IT strategy of our clients
  • Conduct benefit or business case analysis​
  • Design implementation roadmap considering possible deployment scenarios​
  • Prepare decision memo for key stakeholders​
Neil James, Former Global IBP Deployment Lead, GSK
The IBP process has evolved significantly from its origins as a supply chain planning tool to an enterprise-wide approach which integrates performance management, financial planning and collaborative cross-functional working.
Christian Kroschl, Partner Operations, CAMELOT Management Consultants​
Integrated Business Planning is the key infrastructure and discipline that provides cross-functional collaboration to enable fact-based senior leadership decision-making. In the New Now with its complex value chain ecosystems, we help our clients drive profitable growth and become more resilient and responsive.

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IBP is neither just a process nor just a system. Acknowledging the holistic and business-critical nature of IBP, CAMELOT helps clients reach best-in-class integrated business planning maturity by considering strategy, organization, processes, metrics as well as software solutions.

Maximum business value

CAMELOT provides end-to-end thinking, concepts and solutions for segmentation, inventory management, innovative replenishment and capacity planning – linked to financial planning and complemented by latest technology expertise.

IBP consulting leader

Clients turn to CAMELOT for our market-leading combination of IBP process expertise and IBP solution know-how, and for our experience with 100+ clients across all industries.

Sustainable IBP deployment

Deploying IBP means multi-dimensional change. Our global IBP practice includes business and transformation experts with hands-on industry experience, who sustainably embed IBP in our clients’ organization.


Christian Kroschl

Partner Operations

Heads the Consulting Line Supply Chain Management at CAMELOT and helps clients achieve a truly integrated and calibrated supply chain

Markus Geutler

Partner, SCM & Operations

Focuses on transforming the global supply chains of our US based customers.

End-to-End Consulting for Integrated Business Planning

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