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Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management

Survive, adapt and thrive in the VUCA world

A new supply chain paradigm

Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management (DDSCM) enables companies to become truly demand driven and achieve their planned service levels at lower costs from up to half the average stock. The culmination of full implementation of all components of DDSCM is the Demand-Driven Adaptive Enterprise (DDAE). It is a way to achieve a new level of supply chain resilience. CAMELOT provides market-leading capabilities to guide you on your Demand-Driven journey – from first understanding to proof of concept to business impact. 

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How we help clients

Explore & understand

  • Training and Demand-Driven enablement through CAMELOT’s certified instructors
  • Leadership workshops


  • Numerous options for proof of concept and proof of value combined with proof of technology: from simulation and benefit analysis to trial implementations
  • Intensity and goals of PoC/PoV/PoT to be defined according to company specifics and requirements
  • Trainings as a prerequisite for validating results within your own company and to get the buy-in of key stakeholders
  • Our benchmarking database and numerous references enable evaluation with an external view, which is representative for your business


  • Pilot implementation for a representative area, taking into account several dimensions, e.g. high maturity of the applied planning concepts, respresentative complexitiy of planning processes and products
  • Global roll-out considering possible other projects and interaction with strategic planning processes and operational scheduling

Educate & train

  • CAMELOT offers a comprehensive global program of certified Demand-Driven PlannerTM (DDP) and Demand-Driven LeaderTM (DDL) training courses
  • Available as in-house classes at your location or on-site at a CAMELOT office
Chad Smith, Co-Founder and Partner, Demand Driven Institute
The DDI has dedicated itself to proliferating the Demand-Driven method throughout the world. To achieve this, we need strong partners like CAMELOT that bring exceptional Demand-Driven expertise and a global presence to the table.

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CAMELOT is a global market leader and consulting pioneer guiding transformations for resilient supply chains. We help clients thrive in the VUCA world by bringing together the capabilities needed to guide organizations end-to-end on their Demand-Driven journey. CAMELOT is a global affiliate of the Demand Driven Institute

Thought leadership

CAMELOT is a recognized consulting leader and pioneer for the new paradigm of Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management. Clients around the world benefit from our profound conceptual Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management know-how, proven in global transformation projects with leading industry players.

Designing resilient supply chains

CAMELOT helps clients improve resilience on the operational and tactical planning level: In addition to numerous Demand-Driven S&OP implementations, we have successfully complemented Demand-Driven MRP with Demand-Driven Scheduling to realize Demand-Driven Operating Models (DDOM) for our clients.

From concept to implementation

CAMELOT guides clients end-to-end on their Demand-Driven journey. We work with our affiliate Camelot ITLab to support the implementation of Demand-Driven software solutions. Camelot ITLab is a market leader and pioneer for making Demand-Driven happen in standard software.

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Christophe Hudelmaier

Head of Supply Chain Transformation

Over 25 years of professional experience in industry and management consulting firms across various industries. Leading transformation programs from design to implementation.

Markus Geutler

Partner, SCM & Operations

Focuses on transforming the global supply chains of our US based customers.

End-to-end consulting for Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management

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