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CAMELOT Resilience Stabilizer

Stabilize and recover your supply chain in the crisis

In times of crisis, quick and reliable detection of weaknesses in the supply chain is essential for survival. While the large suppliers or materials are often closely monitored, there are many hidden weaknesses at B and C suppliers, contract manufacturers, and materials that can shut down the supply chain at any time.

CAMELOT brings together experienced supply chain consultants and new technologies to quickly identify hidden weak points in your supply chain and to propose mitigation measures. This gives your crisis team the power of big data to better address the negative effects of the corona crisis.

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How to ensure a stable supply chain?

The COVID-19 crisis shows how important it is to adapt supply chain processes quickly and dynamically in order to stabilize during the crisis and to quickly recover afterwards. Companies now need solutions that support the identification and dimensioning of stabilizing as well as recovering measures and their parameterization in operational to tactical planning systems. We help you answer the following questions:

  • What are the options and the screws of adapting supply chain processes to the unexpected?
  • Where and how do buffers, orders, and capacities have to be adjusted to stabilize customer service and company profits?
  • How can recovery be prepared and initiated?

Stabilize customer service and profits by adjusting buffers, order, and capacity

Our scenario-based simulation enables targeted dimensioning of logistics and supply chain instruments to stabilize and balance customer service as well as company profit. It further allows to evaluate different recovery strategies in order to identify concrete supply chain actions aligned with precise parameter settings of underlying planning tools.

  • Identification of relevant supply chain segments for products and customers to be prioritized
  • Data- and simulation-based identification and dimensioning of stabilization instruments for performance and service
  • Parameter adjustment of the underlying ERP and additional operational/tactical planning systems

Supply chain resilience is key in today’s uncertain and volatile world

Adapt your supply chain processes quickly and dynamically in order to stabilize during and to quickly recover after the crisis. We support you in empowering your crisis team with concrete and precise measures as well as recovery options leveraging big data technologies. Benefit from:

  • Continuous, sustainable and resilient stabilization of customer service and company profits through buffer, order, and capacity adjustments
  • Definition of recovery strategies and measures after crisis
  • Utilization of the power of big data to better address negative impacts on your supply chain

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