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Agile Teams & Organizations

Designing and driving your agile transformation to strengthen your organization with a strong backbone of agility

Realize the full potential of your agile transformation

CAMELOT guides your agile transformation, ensuring a firmly anchored new operating model that is based on agile values and design principles. True agility can be achieved by aligning a growth mindset with agile practices, tools, and a thoughtful consideration of your organizational context.

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How we help clients

Agile Envisioning

  • Assessing the current agile maturity and change readiness of the organization to change towards agile
  • Revealing untapped potential and defining a joint vision and strategy to achieve agility
  • Selecting the agile approach that is perfectly aligned with your organizational strategy, setup, and goals

Agile Design and Implementation

  • Assessing how much (re)design is required and defining the implementation roadmap to adapt your organization
  • Installing a guiding coalition of agile change agents to drive the setup and execution of a comprehensive transformation backlog
  • Creating & implementing the target structures and collaboration models while closely monitoring the transformation´s success

Agile Enablement

  • Defining and executing an engagement plan that supports the understanding and commitment of all impacted stakeholders regarding the change
  • Enabling and equipping agile roles with the right capabilities, values and behaviors to unleash the full potential of your agile network
  • Ensuring close coaching and support of agile roles when executing the new ways of working

Agile Culture

  • Implementing cross-team or group-wide networks and communities to foster exchange, continuous learning and improvement
  • Embedding an agile culture supported by agile-minded people who help to sustain and further develop agile principles and practices
  • Continuously assessing the agile maturity level and deriving required measures to increase peoples´ commitment towards the agile approach


Based on our long-year experience, CAMELOT knows exactly how to make your individual agile transformation a success. We are supporting you in developing a suitable strategy and agile design tailored to your current and target agile maturity level. We guide you in implementing appropriate agile principles and practices, and foster the establishment of a sustainable agile culture through specific communication, training and coaching initiatives.

Agile Maturity Assessment

Assessment of your current agile maturity level, identification of untapped potential and derivation of required measures to achieve individually set agile transformation goals.

SCRUM & SAFe Training Expertise

Team and role-specific enablement by certified trainers to strengthen employee commitment regarding the new ways of working and achieve sustainable transformation success.

Coaching Your Agile Transformation

Deep functional expertise and ready-to-use tools to support and coach your agile staff in single teams and entire business units.

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Mark Fischer

Head of Center of Excellence Agile Organization Design

Agile Coach, SAFe Practice Consultant and Trusted Advisor for companies to increase their current agile maturity level. Specialized in agile principles and practices, organization development, and change management. Strongly believing in re-imagining work and workplaces for the better.

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