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Unlock the real power of your data with Hyperautomation combining the strengths of automation technologies and maximizing their benefits through end-to-end process automation.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Skill shortage, process inefficiency and mundane tasks triggered digital transformations. However, 92% of all projects fail to scale automation solutions. Our experts will guide you from any step of your Automation Journey to realize your company’s full automation capabilities. With CAMELOTS’ Hyperautomation Platform you can implement a scalable automation platform right out-of-the-box and “as a Service” to increase your KPIs and scale up your enterprise on the fly.

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How we help clients

PoC & IT-Setup

  • Evaluate and set up the automation technology
  • Start your journey within one or two business areas & the development of 2-3 processes
  • Align on IT infrastructure requirements for productive usage

Automation Strategy/ Roadmap

  • Gain a wholistic view on company’s automation potentials & ambitions
  • Development of an automation strategy that includes governance and methodology concepts
  • Derive delivery & timeline plan from the automation strategy

Analysis & Development

  • Unlock end-to-end process transformation through design thinking workshops & process mining
  • Deliver smooth automation development following automation Excellence through process re-engineering and standardized design
  • Ensure proactive & steady (automation) operation through DevOps and CI/CD

CoE & Governance

  • Ensure governance to implementation due to definition of roles & operating model
  • Establish CoE for best practices,  innovation scouting & governance assuring
  • CoE continuously identifies processes & scales to further departments


  • Nurture a culture of innovation with employees close Change Management
  • Provide know-how to departments & inspire to identify automation potentials across departments while creating a company-wide movement
  • Establish an Automation Operating Model (AOM)

Hyperautomation Platform (HAP)

  • Upgrade your existing automation solutions in our Marketplace for digital services
  • Connect Hyperautomation technologies into your existing IT infrastructure and product service portfolio
  • Choose your use case from our library of existing Camelot products and implement them as a service
André Richter, Principal, CAMELOT Management Consultants
Sustainable and holistic business automation requires the use of Hyperautomation. Only in combination with innovative spirit, process expertise and the right set of technology can achieve the maximum in intelligent automation.

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CAMELOT combines long-term domain expertise, hands-on automation excellence & unique Hyperautomation approach with technological implementation know-how in various domains (e.g. master data management, procurement, finance, supply chain management) to provide strong & sustainable solutions along your value chain and within your business.

Award-winning industry expertise

Our profound industry-specific process knowledge has enabled successful transformation projects across the entire value chain for Fortune 500 as well as mid-sized companies.

Hyperautomation Platform (HAP)

Our unique approach of combining advanced technologies and best-of-breed vendors makes scaling automation in your enterprise elementary & sustainably.

Technological excellence

We have a strong track record in successful integration of Hyperautomation projects, guiding clients from Automation Strategy to implementation.



André Richter

Head of Hyperautomation

Leader and expert helping clients to unlock the power of data with Hyperautomation.

Henrik Baumeier

Partner Data & Analytics

Leads the data & analytics division at CAMELOT, helping global clients in their digital transformation

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