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Oil & Gas

Embracing the unprecedented fluctuations in oil & gas value chains to stay ahead of the competition

Mastering today’s challenges
in the oil & gas industry

Energy system transformation, intensified global competition, volatile oil prices, and complex government regulations: the oil & gas industry, today, faces various challenges that need to be tackled in order to thrive in a sustainable future.

With our extensive industry know-how, CAMELOT supports leading regional oil & gas players and stakeholders in mastering these complex challenges. We create cutting-edge solutions along the entire value chain – from strategy to results.

How we help clients

Value chain strategy

  • Business model innovation: designing the value chain models of tomorrow that drive innovation and future competitive advantage
  • Value chain performance optimization: turning value chains into an engine for business value through advanced approaches
  • Strategic value chain and network design​: achieving a new quality of value chain and network design: end-to-end, adaptive, and with a clear view on total cost and profitability

Operations & efficiency

  • Operational excellence: reducing costs and boosting performance at the same time
  • Production planning & scheduling: mastering complexity and volatility with next-level production planning
  • Business process management: aligning business processes with market and competitive requirements 


  • Re-inventing procurement organizations​: master disruptive changes induced by digitalization 

Distribution & logistics

  • Logistics strategy: building reliable, secure, and transparent logistics setups that quickly adapt to change
  • Supply chain visibility & logistics integration: building profitable scenarios and a vision for supply chain visibility.
  • Services for Logistics Service Providers (LSP)​: 3PL, 4PL, and LLP need to adapt to increasing cost pressure and service requirements


  • Organizational transformation: fit-for-purpose organizational models, capability development, culture and leadership

Digital transformation

  • Thriving in the digital age: your roadmap through rapid changes in technologies and business models
  • The self-driving value chain: to remain competitive, companies need to transform their end-to-end operating model


Building value chain excellence with a comprehensive understanding of global intricacies has led us to trusted partnerships with key regional players in the last 25 years.

Deep industry know-how

Our end-to-end consulting approach and industry expertise help to accelerate improvements throughout the value chain.

Stakeholder engagement

We build sustainable partnerships with our clients, helping them achieve competitive differentiation by successfully tackling today’s dynamic, volatile, and complex business environment.

Digital frontrunner

We guide our clients in their
digital transformation from innovation to solution by digitalizing the value chain processes to reflect a competitive advantage.

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Karim Bitar

Strategy and Transformation Lead

Supporting the public and private sector in re-envisioning and implementing their strategies

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