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Supply Chain Analytics

Intelligent analysis and an understanding of client-specific requirements are needed to achieve optimal value creation in increasingly complex supply chains. 

Analytics – the answer to data overflow and lack of process visibility

CAMELOT’s supply chain analytics deliver the insights you need – from descriptive to predictive and prescriptive applications. Intelligent technologies like process mining, robotics, and AI help to capture potentials, e.g., from automation, as well as efficiency gains, quality improvement, and cost reduction.

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How we help clients

Production analytics

  • Identification of key margin drivers
  • Scheduling and line allocation optimization
  • Capacity and utilization outlook of resources

Replenishment analytics

  • Detection of inventory level drivers
  • Optimal inventory parametrization for pre-defined service levels
  • Stock location optimization

Demand analytics

  • Error root cause analysis and definition of improvements
  • Pattern-based forecast model parametrization to improve quality and reduce effort
  • Advanced forecasting methods using ML techniques such as neural networks

Process mining

  • Transparency of real vs. theoretical end-to-end processes as basis for improvement measures
  • Process benchmarking and what-if analysis enabled by model-based process analysis

Robotics & AI

  • Identification of time, quality and cost-cutting potentials with ML
  • Optimizing of non-routine tasks with self-learning bots
  • Innovating the human-machine interface with decision-support systems

GreenMind2 analytics

  • Carbon Footprint Analyzer to generate insights into CO2 emissions along the value chain
  • Identification of CO2 drivers and their total unit cost impact

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CAMELOT is the ideal partner for your supply chain analytics initiatives  – proven by a strong track record of successful projects and enabled by leading supply chain expertise, deep experience in supply chain analytics, and our holistic approach from analytics to results.

Leading supply chain expertise

Supply chain management is our passion. It has been a core capability of CAMELOT for more than 20 years. Based on our profound experience in supply chain management consulting, we know exactly where and how analytics can help to maximize supply chain outcomes.

First-class analytics capabilities

We leverage a large pool of in-house analytics experts covering the end-to-end supply chain, and we provide international project experience with the co-development of machine learning applications. In vibrant innovation communities, we drive AI use cases.

From analytics to results

CAMELOT provides a holistic approach from analytics to tangible results, based on the closed-loop experience of real-world consulting and implementation projects. We connect supply chain strategy consulting and analytics-focused IT implementation skills.


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