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Master Data Management

CAMELOT Intelligent Data Services (CIDS)

Better insights and improved data quality with game-changing intelligent data management services

Taking the robot out of the human

CIDS tools enable automation of processes and enhance the overall data quality. As a result, analytics insights are not only generated faster. They are also more accurate and a solid basis for decision-making. Replacing manual processes also contributes to enhanced data quality by eliminating the risk of human error. Finally, automating time-consuming repetitive tasks allows to free up resources and capabilities and redirect them towards value-adding activities.

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How we help clients

CIDS accelerator

  • Working solution in a demo suite environment
  • Decision basis to turn a showcase into a full solution
  • Starting the data science journey with a very small upfront investment to convince your stakeholders of the value of AI

CIDS on premise

  • Ready-to-deploy solutions that can be further tailored to clients‘ needs
  • Configuration and customization possible with additional implementation and integration efforts
  • Services span from data extraction and annotation tools to MDM chatbots and dynamic business-rule generators

CIDS cloud SaaS

  • One-size-fits-all approach: being cloud-based, the services work right out of the box upon signup
  • Pay-per-use or recurring fees in order to access the services via web-based interfaces
  • Less customizable, but less to zero implementation and introduction effort for clients

AI envisioning workshop

  • Two-day design thinking workshop to explore specific needs of your company for the application of data science across the value chain
  • Insights from CAMELOT data science and domain experts as well as lessons learned from other clients and the AI in MDM Community
  • Main deliverables: AI innovation roadmap and management presentation


  • Dynamic approaches and process frameworks with proven track-record across industries, such as CRISP-DM
  • We utilize proven AI-tools, our own DS expertise, and the SAP Data Intelligence Platform
  • We can work within your architecture, our architecture, as a stand-alone service, or tightly embedded in your workflows

Next-generation governance

  • We help clients to overcome the challenge to move past the pilot project stage
  • Our expertise supports clients to navigate with a comprehensive governance framework
  • Covering the issues of capability development and allocation, project portfolio management, standards and guidelines, algorithm oversight, and more

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CAMELOT Intelligent Data Services are built on the solid expertise we have gathered through multiple successfully conducted pilot projects within our AI in MDM Community as well as numerous design thinking innovation workshops with clients.

Thought leadership

25+ years of experience in master data management as well as big data and analytics projects along the value chain

Proven industry know-how

Successful track record of working with Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies around the globe from chemicals, life sciences, consumer goods, and industrial manufacturing

Business experts & data scientists

Accelerating project execution with mixed teams providing domain and data science expertise at the same time


Henrik Baumeier

Partner Data & Analytics

Leads the data & analytics division at CAMELOT, helping global clients in their digital transformation

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