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Client Impact Story: Business Model Strategy

Sharpening the business model of a plastic recycling marketplace

New competitive advantages

In just a few weeks we helped a recycling marketplace to overcome their current demand and supply imbalance by sharpening their business model. This allowed the client to focus on high-value transactions and tackle the current quality and trust issues in the market. With a new problem-solving hypothesis and detailed market analytics, we were able to work out strong competitive advantages and determine customer lock-in effects for our client.


Reduced business friction
(CAMELOT Business Friction Index)


Higher market revenue potential


New key platform features


Lower churn target

The story

The marketplace faced the typical supply and demand dilemma (imbalance) leading to missing out on potential transaction opportunities. In addition, the product complexity and inconsistent quality of recycled plastic asked for additional support functions to unlock potential opportunities. The nontransparent and fragmented recycling plastic market made it difficult to focus on the transactions along the value chain which had the highest potential to be improved and disrupted by a marketplace.

CAMELOT’s approach

  • Developed a new problem hypothesis
  • Conducted value chain and market analysis to identify the market power and mechanics
  • Adjusted the business model focus and created a unique positioning towards the competition
  • Renewed customer and transactional focus with a transparent pricing strategy
  • Defined growth stages and detailed action plan towards success
CEO, Plastic Recycling Marketplace
We were struggling with our business model to keep demand/supply balanced and to focus on the right transactions along the plastic recycling value chain. With the help of CAMELOT we managed to sort out the low potential values and started to offer customers unique transaction experiences which distinguishe us from our main competitors. With our new roadmap we will accelerate growth and further strengthen our market position.

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