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Commercial Due Diligence

With our expertise in commercial due diligence and value chain consulting, we deliver comprehensive insights quickly. We help to ensure that every deal achieves its potential and provides maximum value to our clients.​

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Commercial Due Diligence: Value Chain Experts Enhancing Your Investments​

Camelot’s commercial due diligence specialists help global investors make better investment decisions through assessments of the value chain of acquisition targets. Our expert team of professionals, armed with top-of-the-line tools and analytics, conduct fieldwork to gain insights into the target’s customers, suppliers, and competitors.

We identify feasible synergies, assess the risks, and determine sequencing and timing to maximize value creation. Our due diligence approach enables clients to bid competitively, capture value post-acquisition, and mitigate supply chain and logistics risks.

Comprehensive Advisory Services

  • Our team provides a complete range of advisory services, from initial analysis to implementation and beyond, ensuring a comprehensive and thorough approach to due diligence.
  • We understand the unique needs of each client and tailor our services to provide a personalized experience, delivering strategic insights and practical recommendations to drive successful outcomes.

In-Depth Industry Knowledge

  • We utilize best-in-class tools and analytics, and offer expertise across many industries, ensuring that every deal reaches its full potential.
  • Our experienced professionals have successfully assisted numerous corporate acquirers and private equity firms with due diligence projects in various industries.
  • Using our vast network and cutting-edge tools, we stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and developments, ensuring that our clients receive the most accurate and timely information for informed decision-making.

Customer-Centric Approach

  • Close client collaboration and personalized support by our expert team throughout the due diligence lifecycle, addressing unique needs and concerns to drive exceptional outcomes.
  • Delivering tailored solutions that surpass expectations through prioritizing customer needs and preferences, backed by open and transparent communication for a shared understanding of the due diligence process and its outcomes.

Team Operating at High Speed

  • A high-performing team comprising industry experts and business professionals equipped to quickly analyze complex business models and formulate targeted, insightful inquiries.
  • With a keen focus on speed and precision, our agile team seamlessly integrates industry expertise and business acumen to tackle the ever-evolving challenges of due diligence, delivering efficient and effective outcomes.

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We are a leading consulting specialist for value chain management, conducting laser-precise company assessments using in-depth analysis, data, analytics, and scenario planning. Our extensive industry knowledge benchmarks opportunities and anticipates disruptions, ensuring acquisition success. With a proven track record of successful projects, a vast industry network, and expert market knowledge, we ensure optimal outcomes.

Innovative Approach

As a leading consulting specialist for value chain management, we excel in conducting precise target company assessments by leveraging a dynamic team of industry experts and business professionals, thereby delivering exceptional value to our customers.

Industry Insights

Our extensive industry knowledge allows us to benchmark opportunities and anticipate disruptions before they arise, ensuring the success of your acquisitions.
We have consistently maximized the value of our clients’ investments across various industries, including pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Our Know-How

With a proven track record of successful projects and an extensive industry network, we offer access to key decision-makers and provide in-depth market knowledge. Through rigorous analysis, data-driven insights, and meticulous scenario planning we deliver unparalleled results to our clients.

Commercial Due Diligence:
Real-World Results of Our Clients

Streamlined Commercial Due Diligence in Cold Chain Logistics Secures Optimal Value for Leading Asset Manager

As a consulting specialist in value chain management, we performed commercial due diligence for a leading asset manager in the cold chain logistics sector. Drawing upon our extensive logistics market expertise and efficient outcome process, we provided the expected value to the client within a tight timeline. This enabled them to make informed decisions and move forward with the deal.

Industry Experts Support Renowned Private Equity Firm in Achieving Timely and Sustainable Results

Using our experience in value chain management consulting, we performed due diligence for a renowned private equity company in the infrastructure sector. Based on our years of experience in this market and our in-house optimized process, we were able to deliver the expected value to our client. This enabled the client to make a well-founded and sustainable decision in order to be able to manage his company in a target-oriented manner. 

Confident Steps in Transportation Execution: Due Diligence for a Leading Private Equity Firm

We successfully performed due diligence for a leading private equity firm within the transport delivery sector. In addition to leveraging our expertise in the relevant consulting domain, we provided the client with unparalleled merit through our team of industry experts and seasoned business professionals. As a result, the client gained clarity and confidence in making decisive strides forward with their project. 

Empowering Pharmaceutical Success: Expertise in Value Chain Management Drives Informed Decisions for Industry Leaders

Utilizing our expertise in value chain management consulting, we performed comprehensive commercial due diligence for a prominent pharmaceutical industry asset manager. Leveraging our deep understanding of this market and an optimized process designed for efficient outcomes, we effectively delivered the expected value to our client. This empowered them to make informed decisions and drive their business toward success. 

Nicolas Eckhart CAMELOT Management Consultants
Nicolas Eckhardt, Head of Business Strategy & Performance Improvement, CAMELOT Management Consultants
Business models have become increasingly intricate, demanding investors with a diverse range of experiences to grasp a target company’s true potential and risks comprehensively. In today’s dynamic landscape, the involvement of true experts in tandem with skilled business analysts in conducting commercial due diligence is more important than ever.

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Nicolas Eckhart CAMELOT Management Consultants

Nicolas Eckhardt

Head of Business Strategy & Performance Improvement

Experienced business model strategist with a proven track record of building digital business and ventures. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he helps companies to discover and realize new opportunities.

Thomas Ebel, Partner Value Chain Strategy & Transformation, CAMELOT Management Consultants

Thomas Ebel

Partner Value Chain Strategy & Transformation​

Experienced value chain strategist helping companies transform their value chain into a value engine for the business, bringing together strategy and digital innovation.

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