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CAMELOT Forecast Challenge

Exceed our forecast accuracy and claim the throne.

Can you beat us in forecasting?

Predicting your future business based on highly accurate forecasts is the key to excellent supply chain planning and resilient supply chains. With our proven process expertise and the Demand Analyzer powered by Elixum, we are able to create significantly more accurate forecasts in the vast majority of cases. Can you beat us?

How does the challenge work?

1. You provide

Your part: Fully anonymized history
You share three years of demand history with us.

2. We compare

Our part: Next-generation forecasts

We create forecasts with our Demand Analyzer within minutes.

Your part: Business as usual – no extra effort
You create the forecasts during your demand planning cycle.

3. Our challenge

Our part: Compete and succeed
After three months, we compare both forecasts in a one-day workshop for free.

The result: Free forecast benchmark
Your takeaway is highly accurate CAMELOT forecasts for the next two years.

Challenge accepted?

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