Web Conference: Big Data Analytics and Data Exchange in Logistics

Big Data Analytics and Advanced Data Science are seen as the leading technological trends within the next 5 years in logistics. However, the adoption rates are still low and most Big Data projects fail (60%-80%). The question arises where these new technologies can add significant business value, how to implement it right and also in what way logistics partners can collaborate.

To discuss these eminent questions in today’s logistics market, CAMELOT wants to invite you to a web conference. Hereby we give short presentations from our logistics and data science experts on this topic:

  • Big Data in logistics from a business perspective (Andreas Gmür, Head of Logistics)
  • Technical background on advanced data analytics for logistics (Dr. Frank Kienle, Head of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science)
  • Collaboration and data exchange in logistics (Dr. Jochen Thomas, Head of Logistics Integration)
  • Use cases for the collaborative use of Big Data in logistics (Bernhard Stefan, Logistics consultant)

However, this event is also meant as a room for discussion. We want to bring managers from different logistics functions and industries together to share their experiences and ideas in open discussion rounds.

Join us on 21.08.2019 from 10h to 12.30h and take the opportunity to get some new insights on Big Data analytics for logistics.

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