Controlling Excellence Workshops

In our controlling excellence workshops, we offer internal finance & controlling teams the opportunity to discuss and critically question current topics along the controlling loop. We act as sparring partner, offering you a broader view and providing you with support in identifying, structuring and grouping topics, discussing alternative solutions, putting together work packages and creating first rough project plans. Initial discussions already give rise to interesting approaches to current challenges and the possibility of immediately realizing quick wins. In addition to this, classic controlling attributes are also critically reflected upon:

  • Future orientation vs. retrospective analysis
  • Speed vs. accuracy
  • Flexibility vs. stability
  • Agility vs. reaction
  • Bravery vs. security


Your benefits

  • Far-reaching effects on all fields of action (CORPIS):
    culture, organization, roles, processes, information and system landscape.
  • Critical reflection on the current situation based on a discussion of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identification of short- and medium-term optimization potentials.
  • Transparent presentation and structuring and joint prioritization of potential task packages.
  • Alternative solution approaches both from other companies and based on experiences from past projects.
  • Further development of self-understanding within controlling and development of an individual mission.
  • Development of a first rough milestone plan including defined work packages.


“In order to see clearly, it is often sufficient to change the perspective.”
Antoine de Saint Exupery, 1900-1944