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As a premier logistics consulting company, Camelot is your trusted partner from developing a robust logistics strategy to implementing the right IT systems, all under one roof and connected. You benefit from our extensive expertise gained from more than 300 logistics projects and specific industry experience of our consultants, who bring deep operational knowledge from pharma/life sciences, chemicals, consumer goods, manufacturing, and other sectors.

We empower logistics managers to transition from reactive firefighting to proactive leadership. One key to this is the supply chain specialization of Camelot, allowing us to consider logistics optimization from the start and to closely integrate it with supply chain planning. Whether it’s pharma logistics, chemical logistics, or other industries, we ensure logistics optimization that not only minimizes costs but creates value for your customers and establishes a future-proof vision and foundation for your business. Let’s begin today to make your logistics ready for the future with our tailored logistics consulting services.

Logistics Consulting
at Camelot

Today’s logistics scope extends far beyond just containers, trucks, and online deliveries. It’s a sophisticated web of partners, logistics strategies, physical transport, and data-driven control systems all working together for smoother operations.

Camelot sets itself apart as a logistics consultancy with more than 25 years of experience. We fully understand the complexity and interrelationships of logistics networks and dependent processes and take a far-sighted and comprehensive approach in our solutions: from logistics strategy development to logistics system implementation.

We specialize in optimizing logistics by integrating supply chain solutions, transportation logistics, distribution strategies, and warehouse efficiency. Our expertise lies in comprehending and managing the intricate logistics framework, always with a keen eye on delivering added value to our clients.

What sets us apart at Camelot in our approach to logistics consulting is threefold.

First, we pride ourselves on fostering long-standing, trust-filled partnerships with our clients. We work with industry leaders worldwide, establishing a noteworthy track record across sectors in pharma/life sciences, chemicals, consumer goods, manufacturing, retail, and beyond. Many of our logistics consultants have operational logistics experience in our focus industries. We have proudly collaborated with leading international players worldwide, including seven of the top ten global pharma companies.

Second, we take an integrative perspective. For us, logistics isn’t just a standalone function; it’s a vital component of the end-to-end supply chain that must be considered when crafting solution strategies and implementing systemic logistics solutions. As a specialized supply chain consulting firm, we’re also geared to uncover logistics improvement opportunities within supply chain planning processes, empowering logistics leaders to taking an active role in shaping the company’s direction.

Third, we provide both management consulting and technology consulting under one roof. With Camelot, you will only need one partner for logistics strategy development, process optimization, logistics system evaluation, and software implementation. We customize our approach, considering operational and IT aspects in logistics strategies, for the most robust results.

Our logistics consulting services encompass all the vital aspects necessary for comprehensive logistics optimization: from defining logistics strategies and designing logistics networks to optimizing transport and warehouse processes. We also specialize in implementing appropriate logistics system solutions, including transport management systems, warehouse management systems, and visibility solutions as well as logistics control towers.

To us, effective logistics means your shipments are meticulously planned and executed using various transportation methods, your warehouses are strategically positioned in right numbers and appropriate locations, your inventory remains visible to you at all times, and your logistics systems and partners truly support your operations. Your logistical expenses are on target, and your logistics strategy enhances your company’s value.

In our logistics consulting process, we kick off by outlining the logistics requirements and crafting a strategy to address them. This involves defining the appropriate logistics network, identifying suitable partners, and establishing efficient warehouse and transport management processes and systems. Drawing upon your input, our project experience, and our expertise in logistics, we define and implement optimal solutions based on your specific business needs. Our logistics consulting approach is straightforward. Whether it’s addressing core logistics challenges like low service levels or tackling process optimization needs such as lead time reductions, we remain laser-focused on your objectives. Applying leading analytics tools, our experts collaborate to identify the most effective levers, solutions, and options, ensuring successful logistics optimization.
The specific outcomes naturally vary depending on the unique project at hand. They may range from tangible deliverables like roadmaps, logistics strategies, or optimizations of logistics processes, to operational results such as the implementation of logistics systems and the installation of interfaces. With Camelot’s logistics consulting services, you can count on your needs being met. You can expect our solutions to be differentiating, future-proof, and with consideration of your specific business needs. They’ll be tailored specifically to you and your requirements. Our consultants will guide you throughout the process, ensuring that both management and employees are on board. Ultimately, our efforts will enhance your logistics operations and drive business growth. Your logistics expenses will be more transparent and manageable, dropping by 5-15% depending on the project.
We have witnessed the increasing importance of predictive analytics in driving proactive decision-making, prioritizing digitalization, collaboration, and effective risk management. Further, Supply Chain Planning and Supply Chain Execution are growing together, breaking company-internal silos to avoid firefighting and stabilize logistics operations to get additional cost benefits. Moreover, sustainability and eco-friendly practices, including green logistics solutions, are gaining traction among companies. As a specialized logistics consulting company, we are experienced in evaluating relevant trends for our customers and implementing them in the most value-adding way to cultivate a stronger and more resilient supply chain.
Sustainable solutions, whether they’re strategic or systemic, are built to last and deliver the desired outcomes even amidst future changes. In our logistics consulting, we prioritize not only addressing current challenges and meeting short-term objectives, but also integrating the interrelationships and factors that impact future scenarios into our solution design, ensuring its longevity. Determining the optimal balance between stability, to bolster supply chain resilience, and flexibility, to navigate shifts, is a unique decision for each solution. We’re here to provide guidance tailored to the specific characteristics of your logistics processes, helping you make informed decisions.

Logistics Strategy

Precision in Motion: Enhance Your Logistics Strategy with Our Expertise

We guide you through a transformative journey where our logistics consulting services shape your logistics management strategy. Serving as your strategic partner, we provide tailor-made logistics solutions and expertise to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and position your business for ongoing success in a swiftly evolving market. We don’t just rely on our specialized industry, strategic, and operational logistics knowledge to craft a strategic vision; we also harness comprehensive analytics to offer advanced data-based insights. 

Customized logistics solutions, along with agility and adaptability, are second nature to us. With our extensive industry experience, e.g. in pharma logistics, we offer in-depth logistics knowledge that ensures long-term investment success.
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Logistics Strategy & Assessment

In today’s dynamic business environment, success requires strategic vision and digital innovation. Our logistics assessment and strategy services involve a comprehensive examination and optimization of goods movement and storage, IT system support, process maturity, organizational management, logistics networks, partner management, and market positioning. This includes rapid assessments using advanced data science techniques to identify optimization opportunities swiftly: in general logistics optimization, transportation logistics, distribution strategy, warehouse efficiency, and more.

“Make-or-buy” decisions and possible logistics outsourcing (4PL, LLP) are also considered in logistics strategy development. With special knowledge in supply chain management, our consultants are equipped to additionally untap potential for logistics optimization in supply chain planning and to identify risks that threaten the resilience of the entire supply chain.

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Logistics Transformation

Logistics transformation is about implementing insights from strategy and assessment to drive sweeping changes in logistics and supply chain processes, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing competitiveness. We offer strategy and implementation expertise, supporting partner selection (e.g. 4PL, LLP, tender projects), organization changes, process, and IT implementations.

Camelot is the right partner in logistics consulting to support your logistics transformation process from the start, e.g. from the creation of a transformation roadmap to full implementation establishment in system and organization. This comprehensive approach aims to boost flexibility and agility in a rapidly changing environment. Camelot brings together strong strategic knowledge and extensive technology expertise, resulting in robust strategies and solutions like logistics control towers. Rely on us as your partner in reshaping your logistics operations for the future.
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Operational Due Diligence

At Camelot, our operational logistics know-how gives us a unique advantage in evaluating the effectiveness of new services and company setups, complemented by our deep understanding of the logistics market from numerous due diligence assessments and logistics tender projects. We helped various private equity firms in evaluating 4PL / LLP companies, pharma logistics providers, logistics software platforms, and niche logistics service providers (pharma, chemicals, or consumer goods services, like temperature solutions).

We specialize in pinpointing achievable synergies, assessing risks, evaluating the sustainability of business models, and strategically determining the optimal sequence and timing for value creation. This due diligence approach empowers our clients to craft competitive offerings, gauge business efficiencies, and unearth untapped potential.

Logistics Network Design

Assess Your Supply Chain to Turn Past Challenges into Future Strengths

The need for logistics network design isn’t just about expansion; it’s also about optimizing strategic configurations and effective partner management. Companies often grapple with decisions regarding their warehouse network and setup. Should they go with a decentralized setup to ensure speedy product delivery to customers, or would a central warehouse offer better costs? Which setup aligns better with their current carrier network, and how adaptable is that network design to new demands? Major management choices like “make-or-buy” and supplier strategies have lasting effects on various aspects of a business, from human resources to licensing to product range per market.

In logistics consulting, we see it as our duty to engage with you on these questions, assess the long-term impacts of decisions, like network resilience or network CO2 footprint, and devise and execute an optimized network design strategy tailored to your business needs.

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Network Design Assessment

In a thorough network design assessment, every aspect of logistics is considered – from optimizing warehouse efficiency and distribution strategy to overall logistics enhancement.

During the logistics network design assessment, you can expect a deep dive into your existing setup, involving comprehensive analysis, evaluation, and simulation to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Working closely with your team, we’ll develop a resilient network strategy considering factors like centralization/ decentralization/ segmentation, local/regional/global reach, cost reduction, and customer service excellence. Cutting-edge simulation tools will aid in modeling existing and future network designs, pinpointing cost drivers, resilience aspects, and uncovering opportunities for improvement through a systematic top-down approach.
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Network Implementation

Network implementation is the hands-on execution of strategic plans and configurations developed during the earlier stages of network design in the logistics consulting process. These plans outlined the optimal structure, connectivity, and efficiency for logistics processes or information systems. Working closely with you, we’ll craft and execute a detailed implementation plan for the future logistics network design.

The implementation phase involves translating these plans into actionable steps. This encompasses a wide range of activities, including organizational changes, system selection and testing, communication with suppliers and clients, warehouse audits, inventory reconciliation, and scenario planning for inventory adjustments. The objective is to turn the theoretical logistics network design into a practical and functional reality, seamlessly integrating proposed improvements into the existing operational framework.
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Partner Management & Logistics Outsourcing

Looking ahead to logistics optimization and crafting an efficient network design, effective “make-or-buy” decisions and partner management in logistics outsourcing are essential for expanding and strengthening your business within an optimized logistics network design. Partners encompass various aspects of your operations, including order management, transportation and warehouse management, distribution partners, logistics system providers, and suppliers. Does it make sense to work with 4PL (fourth-party logistics providers) or LLP (lead logistics providers) or should you interact directly with 3PLs (third-party logistics providers)?

Implementing RFI and RFP/RFQ processes streamlines partner selection by establishing a unified approach and documenting precise requirements. This enables informed comparisons among potential partners and maximizes efficiency in partner management.
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Digital Solutions for Optimal Logistics Network Design

In the realm of logistics network design and implementation, digitalization involves incorporating and leveraging digital technologies and tools to create transparency, enhance and optimize your network infrastructure. This means utilizing digital logistics solutions to boost the efficiency, connectivity, and overall performance of logistics, information, or communication networks.

Digitalization in network design can encompass implementing advanced logistics software and technology for real-time monitoring (control towers), logistics planning, predictive analytics, and automation of logistics processes & warehouse operations. The goal is to streamline operations, enhance visibility, and enable data-driven decision-making, ultimately leading to a more agile, responsive, and technologically advanced logistics network design.

Optimizing the warehouse operating model involves a systematic evaluation and adjustment of the processes, organizations, structures, and technologies used in warehouse management within a company. It entails moving away from legacy processes towards actively designing solutions for present and future challenges, while incorporating new and innovative methods. The goal is to boost efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance overall performance.

Measures may include restructuring the warehouse network for distribution or sourcing, assessing current activities such as resource management or quality assurance, implementing new technologies and logistics solutions for warehouse monitoring and control, and integrating with downstream or upstream processes like transportation management and order management.

By refining the warehouse management and operating model, companies can bolster their competitiveness and adapt to the ever-changing demands of the market.

To effectively manage organization and control within a warehouse, it needs systematic support. The market offers a variety of warehouse management systems, each with different benefits. Not every warehouse management system is equally suitable for a client’s processes and requirements. That’s where advice from specialized logistics consultants becomes invaluable.

We assist you based on your prioritization, process requirements, scalability, flexibility, and integrability, ensuring you can make a well-informed decision. Whether it’s the embedded SAP EWM solution or a standalone plug-in, we provide comprehensive support for system implementation, from evaluation and selection to blueprint creation, integration, and rollout across multiple locations, always with a focus on delivering added value to your company.

Visibility is often linked solely with transportation management, but if you aim to provide timely information to your customers and require precise knowledge of your goods’ whereabouts, costs, and conditions at all times, visibility in the warehouse becomes key. In a seamless order and purchase order flow, warehouse visibility allows you to monitor inbound and outbound shipments, internal movements, and the state of your goods, covering aspects like temperature, humidity, and shock. When paired with transport management, warehouse visibility enables you to confidently commit to planned outbound shipments, setting you apart in the market. Our logistics consulting services assist businesses in entering that stage.

Digitization is a critical and inevitable step in future-proofing every aspect of your logistics operations. There’s a plethora of options available for digitizing your warehouse, and the choice of system implementation hinges greatly on the size, structure, and functionality of your facility. Digitization empowers you to transition your warehouse processes from manual to automated, enabling optimizations in floor vehicle and material movements, ultimately leading to reduced warehouse costs. When integrated seamlessly with your existing logistics system landscape, your digital warehouse becomes a cornerstone of your logistics operations.

Warehouse Management

Bring Your Warehouse Performance to the Next Level

A warehouse isn’t confined to its four walls; it’s an integral part of the broader logistics network and closely intertwined with transport planning processes. Warehouses serve various purposes for each business, acting as an extension of production, a collection and distribution hub for customer deliveries, a buffer zone, a cross-dock, and a safety stock location, among other functions.

Regardless of its role, once a warehouse is established, it requires efficient warehouse management, operation, control, and organization. Questions such as the current stock levels, material locations, labor availability, capital commitments, and equipment functionality need to be addressed.

Trust our Camelot logistics consulting experts to provide answers and solutions to these and other warehouse management and warehouse efficiency queries, including system selection and system implementation.

Transportation Management

Empower Your Transport Management to Drive Efficient Operations, Growth and Connectivity

A thorough transportation management strategy incorporates organizational structure, “make-or-buy” decisions, procedural guidelines, and IT infrastructure customized for sourcing, planning, execution, freight cost management, and monitoring/reporting. These elements function across global, regional, and local levels, adjusting to different transportation modes and directional flows.

The rapid pace of technological advancement poses both challenges and opportunities, prompting transportation management frameworks to evolve and unlock new business advantages despite the limitations of existing infrastructure. Our team of Camelot logistics consulting experts is here to help you address sustainable transport optimization to boost the contribution of transport management to your organization’s growth.

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Transport Operating Model Optimization

As a logistics consulting company, we guide our clients through the transformative journey of optimizing their transportation operating model with comprehensive solutions. We dive deep into your transportation management organizations, logistics partners, and service providers concepts, processes, structures, and technologies, analyzing them thoroughly. Based on this analysis, we create a customized roadmap to drive efficiency and excellence in your business.

Camelot has a deep understanding of the 4PL in- and outsourcing concepts and can assist in making “make-or-buy” decisions, selecting partners, and implementing them. Our logistics consultants guide you in moving away from historically grown organizations, outdated processes, and systems, towards proactive design and state-of-the-art solutions to meet today’s challenges and seize tomorrow’s opportunities. Our approach is centered on achieving efficiency gains, cost reductions, sustainability, and overall performance improvements. As a jumpstart, clients can utilize our dedicated “Value Generation Framework” to unlock potential in logistics operations.

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Transport Management System Selection and Implementation

We empower you to enhance your business operations by deploying customized transport management systems that boost efficiency and facilitate decision-making within your transportation management framework. Selecting and integrating the right transport management solutions is pivotal in streamlining transportation processes and maximizing visibility and data analytics capabilities. Our logistics consulting experts meticulously assess your business needs to pinpoint key requirements such as route optimization, load planning, freight tracking, and cost and performance reporting capabilities.

Whether it’s an embedded SAP TM solution or a custom plug-in, you’ll be guided through each phase of the system implementation process by a partner that handles it all: from initial assessment and logistics system selection to blueprint creation, system implementation, and multi-site rollout, ensuring seamless integration with your operations. Experience the transformative impact of optimized system selection and implementation.
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Visibility in Transport Management

Benefit from unparalleled support from our team of Camelot logistics consulting experts as you strive for optimal visibility within your transportation management operations. With specialized logistics solutions, you can effortlessly track and monitor the movement of goods throughout the supply chain, gaining real-time insights into their location, status, cost, and condition while in transit.

Enhanced visibility goes beyond simply knowing the whereabouts of your shipments; it’s about proactively managing logistics operations, foreseeing disruptions, and swiftly adapting to changing circumstances, while considering costs and sustainability aspects. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as GPS tracking, RFID, and advanced data analytics, you’ll gain unmatched visibility and traceability. Unlock the potential for increased efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, and improved overall supply chain performance. Step into a future where transparency in transport management isn’t just an aspiration, but a reality that propels your business forward.
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Digitalization of Transport Management

Digitization goes beyond merely introducing new tools; it’s about revolutionizing your transport management and operations to achieve unprecedented efficiency, flexibility, and cost savings. By leveraging digital platforms, logistics software solutions, and IoT devices, companies can enhance transparency, automate processes, and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Discover the power of digitalization in transforming your transportation management: There are logistics solutions available that seamlessly integrate cutting-edge digital technologies to streamline and optimize every aspect of transportation management, from route planning to real-time tracking to operational risk management in transport management to enhance supply chain resilience. Today, all logistics executives are confronted with crucial strategic decisions on leveraging rapidly evolving technological innovations and determining the optimal approach for digital transformation. We assist in evaluating digital readiness in transport management and pinpointing use cases that provide tangible added value for your logistics business operations.

Logistics Insights

Camelot Logistics Consulting

Camelot, a premier logistics consulting firm, offers end-to-end solutions for your logistics needs. With over 300 projects’ worth of expertise and industry-specific knowledge, we empower managers to lead proactively. Our specialization ensures seamless integration with supply chain planning, optimizing costs while adding value for your customers. Start your journey towards future-proof logistics today with our tailored consulting services.

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