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Digital Manufacturing

Digitize your manufacturing process
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Redefining Digital Manufacturing Excellence

To thrive amidst market challenges, manufacturing companies need automated, resilient, and integrated manufacturing processes across their value chain. Camelot takes you on a digital manufacturing guided journey leveraging SAP technology and digital factory use cases to accelerate your transformation. Benefit from digital services, innovations, and solutions to streamline and elevate your operational processes, optimize your resources, and foster a culture of continuous improvements.

Digital Manufacturing
Consulting by Camelot


Embracing digital manufacturing solutions and AI empowers you to achieve productivity, innovation, and customer-centricity.

Embark on a digital transformation with our expert-led guided journey leveraging cutting-edge digital manufacturing technologies to innovate and elevate your manufacturing capabilities.

Harness the potential of SAP technologies to drive manufacturing automation, optimize production, enhance quality, and deliver innovation throughout your digital manufacturing processes.

Build future-ready manufacturing operations leveraging cloud-based scalable solutions and best-in-class technology capabilities including AI/ML to gain operational efficiencies by moving on-premise solutions to the cloud.

Orchestrate manufacturing processes across your value chain (ERP, planning, warehouse integration) and solutions (S/4HANA, EWM integration) until plant level (shopfloor and asset integration) for streamlined operations, optimized workflows, and enhanced productivity.

From automated manufacturing processes and real-time analytics to SAP Smart Factory: Realize the full potential of your digital transformation with Camelot’s comprehensive suite of offerings.

Digital Manufacturing Guided Journey

A Transformative Voyage towards Digitalization in Manufacturing and Manufacturing Automation

Experience our 4-step guided journey towards the successful design, deployment, and adoption of digitalized, automated, and integrated digital manufacturing technology. This tailored approach aims to elevate your organization to the next level in digital supply chain maturity.
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Step 1: Solution Tour – Envision Your Transformation

Our solution tour is an interactive tour led by Camelot experts to identify your technology potential and understand your business needs. This comes in a variety of formats, including solution demos, success stories, and an experience day.
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Step 2: Solution Exploration – Define Your Transformation

This structured approach validates that the identified technology or solution will work in your specific context to justify your required implementation investment. Depending on the existing knowledge and manufacturing technology maturity, you can choose from a custom demo to a solution prototype.
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Step 3: Solution Implementation – Accelerate Your Transformation

For an accelerated deployment of SAP Digital Manufacturing technology, we have developed a starter-kit concept. This consists of ready-to-use templates and pre-configured solutions to streamline manufacturing operations, provide efficiency, and minimize the implementation risk by leveraging Camelot’s best-practice approach.  

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Step 4: Solution Adoption – Sustain Your Transformation

Digital transformation is a continuous process. Customers require both, an innovative solution, and the right service approach. Camelot’s Supply Chain Resilience Center (SCRC) is an excellence framework uniquely blending technology, business, and industry knowledge to deliver business, application, and user adoption services.

These services focus on supply chain advisory, improvements, and business operations. That way, we ensure our customers stay ahead of their competition and the ever-evolving technology as well as realize the full potential of their transformation.  


SAP Manufacturing

The SAP Manufacturing solution portfolio enables organizations to apply Industry 4.0 principles and to digitalize and automate their execution processes.

Camelot covers all aspects of the manufacturing cycle: from planning to shopfloor and beyond with SAP Digital Manufacturing in the Cloud, SAP MII, SAP Manufacturing Execution, SAP Plant Connectivity, Asset Intelligence Network, and many more.
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Introducing SAP Digital Manufacturing (DM)

SAP DM is a cloud-based, scalable Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that enables global manufacturers to manage and control manufacturing and shopfloor operations and realize Industry 4.0 scenarios. It provides the coordination of planning and execution processes, covering all aspects of the manufacturing cycle: from planning to the shopfloor and beyond. Camelot offers implementation and extension services to deploy SAP DM on a global scale.

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Transitioning from SAP ME/MII to DM

SAP ME and SAP MII are enterprise-level Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). They provide a set of features like Production Operator Dashboards, Shop Order Execution, or Nonconformance Management allowing global manufacturers to manage and control manufacturing operations as well as integrate shopfloor and business systems. Camelot offers implementation, extension, and transition services to move from on-premise to a next-generation digital manufacturing solution in the cloud.

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Integrating to the Shopfloor with SAP Plant Connectivity

The integration of machines and IoT devices on the shopfloor enables real-time monitoring, data collection, automation, and the synchronization of processes. This leads to increased efficiency, reduced downtime, and enhanced competitiveness. We provide machine and device integration services to SAP DM by leveraging standardized communication protocols and pre-built connectors of SAP Plant Connectivity. The tight integration of machines and devices to the MES system ultimately empowers organizations to optimize manufacturing processes, improve their decision-making, and drive operational excellence.


From SAP ME/MII to Digital Manufacturing (DM)

The Time to Transition Is Now

In today’s dynamic manufacturing landscape, global organizations need an advanced Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to drive operational excellence, improve efficiency, and stay competitive. While SAP ME/MII has been a reliable solution in the last years, SAP Digital Manufacturing shines as the choice for manufacturing companies, aiming to build future-ready manufacturing operations and move towards Industry 4.0.

Camelot provides a guided approach for greenfield, brownfield, and bluefield customers to transition towards an advanced Manufacturing Execution System and digitalized, automated operations in the cloud.

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Phase 1: Check the Readiness

This phase entails a comprehensive assessment of the existing and future needs for your transformation. While considering future business goals and priorities, we also focus on your organizational and solution maturity. The outcome of this phase is the definition of your tailored transformation approach.

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Phase 2: Analyze the Scope

The second phase includes conducting a comprehensive pre-study to understand the complexity and size of your deployment. This includes current business processes, requirements, and existing digital manufacturing technology. Based on the results, your individual SAP DM readiness and transformation roadmap are defined.

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Phase 3: Execute the Roadmap

Phase 3 focuses on delivering the defined transformation roadmap which includes crafting and executing a deployment plan, based on your business priorities and budget. During this phase, we leverage our SAP Digital Manufacturing services and proven approaches to accelerate achieving your business value.

Featured Insights

Achieve integrated processes and consistent master data utilization across your solutions by implementing SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP with SAP Digital Manufacturing, facilitated by SAP Cloud Integration. It is possible to connect multiple ERP systems to one central Manufacturing Execution System while the data transfer can be broadly categorized into master data and transactional data.

We quickly enable data exchange between SAP DM and the SAP S/4HANA Cloud via the Communication Management app. Since SAP Digital Manufacturing is a software service on the SAP Business Technology Platform, no additional integration with SAP Cloud Integration or a cloud connector is required.

Gain transparency of your material movement, automate your component and material staging as well as consumption and booking by tightly integrating manufacturing execution and warehouse management processes and systems. By combining SAP Digital Manufacturing with SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), we enable the planned and efficient handling of logistics processes in the warehouse and the subsequent provision for downstream manufacturing processes as well as for the storage of finished products.

Benefit from increased efficiency, enhanced visibility, and improved decision-making by integrating physical machines to your SAP Digital Manufacturing system with SAP Plant Connectivity (PCo).

SAP PCo facilitates seamless communication between machines and various production processes. This enables better synchronization and optimizing manufacturing activities as well as predictive maintenance. It reduces downtime and enhances your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Camelot facilitates the tight integration of your SAP DM solution into your resource and asset management to enhance operational efficiency and resource optimization in modern manufacturing environments. The integration of assets enables centralized tracking and the management of critical assets, including equipment, tools, and facilities. This streamlines your maintenance processes and minimizes downtime. By providing real-time visibility into your asset performance and utilization, we facilitate proactive maintenance scheduling, which results in prolonging your asset’s lifespan and reducing operational costs.

Digital Manufacturing Integration

Benefit from Integrated Manufacturing Processes and Technology

In today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape, the tight integration of digital manufacturing technology and solutions to related business processes, technologies, machines, or devices is crucial: it streamlines processes, enhances visibility, and enables data-driven decision-making.

Digital Manufacturing Innovations and Solutions

Revolutionize Manufacturing Operations and Technology

Camelot’s Digital Manufacturing Innovation and Solution services help businesses to revolutionize traditional manufacturing paradigms and identify and realize opportunities for optimization, agility, and sustainability in industrial operations. Benefit from Camelot’s Smart Factory approach and industry use cases, tailored extensions to your business, and our consulting offers to realize sustainable manufacturing operations.

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Implementing SAP Smart Factory

The Camelot SAP Smart Factory approach transforms present-day manufacturing into an ecosystem where the physical and digital realms synchronize seamlessly, providing self-adapting manufacturing capabilities. The implementation of this solution streamlines manufacturing cycle times and optimizes inventory management by using real-time data and enhancing visibility. Consequently, this leads to fewer defects, promotes sustainable production practices, reduces raw material consumption, lowers costs, and ultimately boosts your customer satisfaction.

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Realizing Custom Extensions on SAP BTP

Benefit from innovative and specialized extensions to your SAP Manufacturing solution to address your industry-specific tailored requirements. Camelot offers extensions to SAP standard solutions on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) which is an integrated suite of cloud-based tools and services provided by SAP. It enables businesses to develop, extend, and integrate applications quickly and efficiently.

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Enabling a Sustainable Shopfloor

The Camelot Sustainable Manufacturing – Smart Energy allows organizations to reach their sustainability goals based on the real-time adherence of their energy usage. By leveraging AI/ML algorithms, it identifies deviations from your energy consumption targets and provides data insights to improve your usage of natural resources.


Success Story: Realizing Kellogg’s Smart Factory Vision with SAP Digital Manufacturing

Quality Assurance with Industrial IoT

The Kellogg Company is one of the world’s largest cereal producers. The main objective of our project was to ensure high product quality, avoid manual work, reduce waste, and increase productivity. This was achieved by implementing automated quality assurance processes on the existing SAP Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence (SAP MII) system in the form of a Quality Assurance application based on SAP DM.


Accelerate your digitalization in manufacturing with Camelot!

Aseem Gaur

Executive Vice President

Julia Hauri

Head of Digital Manufacturing

Digital manufacturing leverages computer-aided design, simulation, and automation throughout the production process. This data-driven approach allows for greater efficiency, reduces waste, and improves product quality. In today’s competitive landscape, it’s crucial for businesses to adopt these technologies to remain agile, cost-effective, and foster sustainability.

It is a cornerstone of Industry 4.0, transforming how we design, produce, and manage products. By integrating advanced technologies like AI and automation, manufacturers can achieve significant productivity gains, faster time to market, and a more responsive production environment.

Our Digital Manufacturing Guided Journey is a tailored approach covering the successful design, deployment, and adoption of digitalized, automated, and integrated manufacturing technology. We aim to elevate our customers’ organizations to the next level in digital supply chain maturity.

Integrating digital manufacturing with IoT technologies creates a connected ecosystem, capturing real-time data from machines and sensors. This enables predictive maintenance, optimized production schedules, and improved quality control, ultimately reducing costs and boosting overall productivity.

Digital manufacturing integration tackles challenges like production inefficiencies, quality inconsistencies, and limited visibility into the supply chain. By leveraging data analytics and manufacturing automation, manufacturers can optimize processes, minimize errors, and gain real-time insights. This leads to more resilient and agile operations.

They promote sustainability by optimizing resource consumption and minimizing waste. Advanced simulations help to identify design flaws that lead to material overuse, while automated processes reduce energy expenditure. This translates to a smaller environmental footprint and a more sustainable manufacturing approach.

Camelot offers a comprehensive suite of solutions. This includes consulting services for strategy development and technology selection, implementation expertise, and ongoing support. Our team helps businesses navigate the digital transformation journey, maximizing the potential of advanced manufacturing technologies to achieve operational excellence.

Digital manufacturing solutions empower businesses to gain a significant competitive advantage. By optimizing production processes, enhancing product quality, and achieving greater agility, companies can reduce costs, improve responsiveness to market demands, and ultimately strengthen their market position.

SAP S/4HANA serves as a powerful digital core for manufacturing operations. This next-generation platform facilitates real-time data analysis, intelligent factory automation, and seamless integration with other digital tools. It drives manufacturers towards a more efficient and responsive production environment.

SAP S/4HANA serves as a powerful digital core for manufacturing operations. This next-generation platform facilitates real-time data analysis, intelligent factory automation, and seamless integration with other digital tools. It drives manufacturers towards a more efficient and responsive production environment.

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