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Environmental, Social and Governance

Creating a better future with responsible,
ethical, and sustainable practices for all.

Environmental, Social and Governance

At Camelot, we believe that together we have the power to create a better future for all. We are committed to integrating responsible business practices in our activities by operating ethically, fairly, honestly, and responsibly. We focus on environmental and social sustainability, guided by principles of effective governance. This will drive lasting positive change for both people and the planet.

Building a Better Future, Together

Guided by our values and ESG

Our corporate values are our guiding principles: People, Innovation, Quality, and Responsibility. We encourage mutual appreciation and tolerance. We foster diversity and leverage the power of difference to deliver innovations. And we strive for the highest quality and excellence in everything we do.
Our overall sustainability approach is driven by best practices for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards in accordance with legal regulations and stakeholder requirements. We aim to identify and leverage options for positive impact and provide transparency through KPI measurement and reporting. Our people are our most important asset. Empowering them to contribute with their expertise in all our ESG endeavors is key for us.

Recognition for Our Sustainability Work

Camelot has repeatedly been awarded a silver medal for our sustainability initiatives as part of the EcoVadis sustainability ranking. This puts us in the top 25% of companies evaluated worldwide.

CO² validated for 2021 and offset by investing in certified climate protection projects

trees planted for Camelot new joiners
collected for educational purposes as part of our CamelotLiveItUp challenge
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Camelots contribute actively to our ESG activities

Our ESG Mission Statement

for a Sustainable Future

At Camelot, our mission is to lead ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) by championing initiatives aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). We are dedicated to fostering social equity, environmental responsibility, and economic prosperity within our area of influence, to drive positive change for current and future generations.

Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to addressing environmental issues and recognize our responsibility to safeguard a rich natural environment for future generations. To minimize our environmental impact and foster environmental awareness, we invest in initiatives such as our Road to Net-Zero including ambitious targets for carbon emission reduction as well as sustainability workshops, and knowledge exchange for our employees. Furthermore, we support our customers through our GreenMind² competence center on their sustainability journey, accelerating their path to sustainability leadership.

Social Responsibility

We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. Internally, we build a workplace that allows our employees to thrive and that supports their social engagement, fosters a diverse and inclusive workforce, promotes gender equality by empowering women, and ensures our employees’ health and well-being. Externally, we recognize our responsibility to contribute positively to the community, for example by supporting educational projects.


Regarding our business, we recognize our responsibility to ensure compliance with legal frameworks, prevent and counteract corruption and bribery, and fulfill the highest standards in data and information security. In our project work, we drive responsible and fair practices while being committed to the highest professional standards. Through partnerships and collaborations, we actively promote initiatives for responsible business practices and lend support to sustainability projects. All our employees are regularly trained in and committed to our Code of Conduct and various other detailed policies for responsible business practices.

Our Road to
Net-Zero Carbon

One of our initiatives to drive developments toward sustainable business is our Road to Net-Zero Carbon project. In 2021, we reached our first important milestone in the implementation of our sustainability goals: carbon neutrality. Since then, we have been calculating our carbon emissions, verified by an external third party, on a yearly basis and tracking progress towards our main target: becoming a net-zero company in 2026.

Environment, Social and Governance at Camelot

Together, we have the power to create a better future for everyone. At Camelot, we are committed to making a difference by championing sustainability, practicing environmental responsibility, and fostering change through our dedicated people.

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