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Procurement of Logistics Services in the Chemical Industry

A Study on the German Market

Gain a Competitive Edge through Strategic Logistics Procurement

The chemical industry stands as one of Germany’s key sectors, right after automotive and mechanical engineering. Its economic success significantly impacts Germany’s status as a business hub and the prosperity of its population. Beyond production and research, logistics—Germany’s third-largest economic sector—plays a crucial role in the chemical industry’s achievements. Logistics costs account for 5% to 12% of sales in this sector, making them a vital factor in overall expenses.

To delve deeper into the importance of the procurement of logistics services, we conducted a survey with experts from the chemical logistics and supply chain management field. Our goal was to gain insights into how strategic logistics purchasing can enhance the competitiveness of the chemical industry.

In this study, we present the findings from our expert survey, offering valuable interpretations and insights. We invite you to explore the results and discover how optimized logistics procurement can drive success in the chemical sector.

Some of the key topics:

  • Focus in Tenders
  • Typical Contract Duration
  • Criteria for Service Provider Selection
  • Future Potential: Networking of Planning Systems
  • Impact of Insufficient Transport Capacity
  • And More


Note: This study is available only in German.

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