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Turning Data into Success

Data is your company’s most valuable asset – it forms the backbone of your business processes and guides strategic and operational decisions. As digitalization advances, high data quality becomes even more crucial for making informed choices. 
Leverage our proven track record of 200+ successful data management projects with leading industry players. Our expertise ranges from crafting future-proof data strategies to implementing cutting-edge solutions. We empower businesses at every stage of their data journey, whether they are just starting out or migrating to SAP S/4HANA. 

Data Management Strategy

Empowering digital transformation and S/4HANA initiatives

Camelot guides you along your entire digitalization journey: from implementing a long-term vision in process and data architecture through the sustainable integration of new data roles within the organization up to meeting privacy and security standards to ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations and challenges. 

Develop an approach to realize the potential of new technologies such as AI and hyperautomation in your data strategy.

Define a holistic and strategic vision, roadmap and actionable work packages encompassing governance and organization, data architecture, process design, and data quality management. 

Gain a high-level overview of your current challenges in data management in a self-assessment.  

Understand your data management maturity level in comparison to your industry peers. 

Develop a compelling benefit case to demonstrate the value of data and gain management support for your data initiative. 

Select the tools that best support your data strategy using Camelot’s comprehensive provider database. 

Trusted data builds the foundation for automizing your business processes with AI, taking actions based on trustful reports, and transforming into a digital company. Especially a S/4HANA transformation can be a one-time opportunity to significantly improve your data foundation.

Thomas Jung, Head of Data Transition Management, Camelot Management Consultants

Integrate Artificial Intelligence with established data governance frameworks to leverage data quality, compliance, and decision-making processes. 

Our maturity assessment, as part of our data governance entry package, empowers small and medium-sized companies to initiate effective data management and compliance.

Establish an end-to-end data governance and organizational set-up from concept definition to organizational roll-out, to facilitate your SAP S/4HANA transformation. 

Guide new data roles with practical trainings, use cases, and methods to enhance data literacy and sustainable implementation of data management concepts. 

Build a compelling business case for data governance, showcasing the value-add it brings to the organization, and secure the necessary support and resources. 

Design a Shared Service Center offering a comprehensive suite of compliance and data quality management solutions to address your organization’s challenges effectively. 

Data Governance & Organization

Ensure data reliability and foster a data-driven culture that prioritizes compliance and innovation.

Elevate your data management with Camelot’s comprehensive data governance solutions. Tailored frameworks, orchestrated data quality management, and robust data security measures ensure compliance and drive informed decision-making. Our seamlessly interoperable data governance solutions cover strategic guidelines, organizational models, principles, and training, enabling innovation, competitiveness, and business growth. 

Data Design

Data Design for end-to-end business processes during your S/4HANA transformation

Camelot supports your data design activities from strategic level to implementation with best practices, industry insights, and our vast experience in end-to-end data management. Our holistic approach considers all dependencies and requirements upfront to enable efficient business processes along the value chain. 

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End-to-End Data Design

Data is both input and output of business processes, be it master data or transactional. For a successful transformation, holistic and sustainable data object design is vital to ensure fluent processes as well as accurate reporting. Utilize detailed insights to refine operations, focus on value-adding activities, and strengthen your market position. Take the chance and enhance your end-to-end business processes with Camelot’s expertise in data design. 

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Data Lifecycle Management

Refine your data lifecycle concept to generate data right at first entry, ensure their readiness for the designated purpose, and comply with data retention policies at the end of use. Camelot supports you along all data lifecycle stages, from defining the required data quality for smooth business processes up to data retention and archiving. 

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Master Data System

Consider the business and technical requirements to evaluate a master data governance. 

Every system demands a specific set of data to facilitate efficient process execution, and as system functionalities evolve, requirements may change. Camelot supports the functional as well as the technical design of your Master Data Management system and interface with years of experience from successful data management projects. 

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Successful SAP S/4HANA transformation

A sustainable data design based on business requirements ensures successful data cleansing and data migration activities for your S/4 transformation. For the time after, the achieved data quality enables business processes to run smoothly. Ultimately, this strengthens your company’s focus on core competencies and, therefore, its market position. 


Data Quality Management

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Data

In today’s digital age, data is the lifeblood of your business. It fuels strategic decision-making and streamlines operations. To truly unlock your transformation potential, prioritize data quality and leverage its power for a competitive edge. 

Taking control of your organization’s data by establishing a robust data quality strategy turns it into your competitive advantage. As leaders in data management consulting, Camelot guides you through the process to make this happen.

Unify your data to a single, consistent standard. Eliminate duplicates and outliers for a clean foundation. Gain powerful insights through high-quality data visualization.

Continuous monitoring is your secret weapon for unmatched success.  

Continuous data monitoring and improvement instead of one-time checks brings you to a sustained competitive edge. Our best-in-class approach unlocks the full potential of your data. 

Focus on growth, not data. Advanced enrichment minimizes maintenance, ensuring data you can trust. Examples are automatic maintenance of VAT, address data, or bank data through the integration of external services. 

Uncover hidden insights, drive better decisions. Identify data quality issues in your master and reference data with the Camelot Data Analyzer and ensure data-driven confidence for every business choice.

S/4HANA transformation made easy: clean up inactive master data and validate customizing. 

Data Migration

Streamlined Data Migration for a Successful S/4HANA Transformation

Confidently navigate the complex maze of data migration within your S/4HANA transformation project. We help you ensure a smooth and successful transition of your valuable data between systems with migration services tailored to your needs. You can benefit from a proven track record of more than 200 successful data management projects, a trusted project approach and accelerators speeding up your data migration. Embrace a data-driven future with a successful S/4HANA data migration.

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Data Migration Management

Don’t let data migration become a roadblock on your S/4HANA journey. Experience a stress-free transition with our comprehensive data migration management service that allows you to focus on running your business, not the migration. Certified SAP consultants become an extension of your team, meticulously managing all critical data requirements for your data migrationWe expertly coordinate all associated tasks, managing data quality and aligning data migration aspects with all relevant streams. This comprehensive approach ensures a successful transition of your valuable data to S/4HANA, allowing you to unlock its full potential. 

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Full-Blown Data Migration

Complex data shouldn’t slow down your S/4HANA journey. Benefit from expert data migration services with a customized strategy and seamless implementation, designed specifically for your unique transition scenario and system landscape. 

Our support throughout your S/4HANA transformation: 

  • Tailored data migration strategy that perfectly fits your needs. 
  • Smooth data transition leveraging our extensive expertise in handling all SAP data objects. 
  • Utilize cutting-edge tools and techniques, including hyperautomation, to accelerate data migration development and handle complex data transformations efficiently. 
  • Free yourself to focus on core business activities while experts handle the data migration complexities. 


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Selective Expert Support

Gain access to a powerful network of over 200 data domain specialists, enhancing your project team’s capabilities and supporting your transformation journey. These specialists offer valuable insights and extensive knowledge on distinct areas of S/4HANA, including the new General Ledger, consolidation to Business Partner, and Material Ledger. 

Leverage migration expertise and industry best practices to effectively mitigate project risks and achieve optimal outcomes across all stages. 

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Data Cleansing

Identify business-relevant data, rectify inconsistencies, and harmonize master data for optimal data transformation results. Get a head start on your data cleansing initiative with Camelot Data Analyzer‘s ready-made reports and Camelot’s automated enrichment tools. 

Expert guidance and a proven data cleansing approach structure your cleansing efforts, ensuring optimal data migration preparation and lasting data quality improvements. 


SAP Master Data Governance

Unified Data Foundation for Clear Business Insights

Data is the foundation for all business decisions with a significant impact on your success. In the area of data management with SAP MDG, Camelot as the global no. 1 partner for SAP MDG provides first-class consulting services combined with innovative solutions that will help you shape your data for success. 

With our vast consulting experience, we enable organizations to introduce SAP MDG, utilize all functionalities and efficiently operate their master data system. We provide a holistic approach to the digital transformation of your processes, organization, and IT. Camelot is the global no. 1 partner in SAP MDG system integration with the strongest track record of successful master data management (MDM) projects. 

SAP MDG streamlines the governance of enterprise master data across standard domains such as business partner, material, and finance, ensuring high-quality data for key processes. It includes SAP extensions like Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Retail and Fashion Management (RFM). SAP MDG allows custom domain creation, accommodating specific organizational needs and enhancing operational efficiency. 

Through our tailored approach, we empower clients to establish robust data governance frameworks, ensuring data integrity, accuracy, and compliance across their enterprise systems. 

Camelot’s Reference Data Management solution leverages the extensibility of SAP MDG with a generic framework for maintaining and synchronizing reference data across your system landscape. The application addresses the three key challenges regarding reference data: standardization, process transparency, and governance. 

Elevate data maintenance and quality with our tailored services. Utilize Camelot Integrated Text Translation for AI-powered SAP MDG translations, streamline implementations with the trusted Camelot MDG Accelerator framework, and enhance processes through Camelot Plug-and-Play Workflows. Boost search capabilities with the MDG Search Enhancement and leverage the Virtual Assistant and Attachment Analyzer for superior data insight and management. 

Benefit from our SAP MDG automation services all aimed at optimizing operations and improving results. Our offerings include test automation with seamless integration to your test management system, and implementation automation to boost your SAP MDG implementation project.  

Data Management & Quality Insights

SAP MDG Enabling a Data-Driven Organization

Mastered Data Governance for high efficiency at SBB

By leveraging SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) as the cornerstone of their strategy, our client Schweizerische Bundesbahnen (SBB) witnessed significant enhancements: streamlined processes, lifecycle management, and outstanding 60% improvement in data quality help the Swiss railway company SBB to face challenges such as evolving customer behavior, sustainability concerns, and the absence of a unified data source. 

Recognized with the SAP Innovation Award 2023, the project sets a precedent for data-driven transformations.

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