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Product Wheel Planning for Process Industry Companies

The Camelot Campaign Planner & Designer delivers product wheel planning functionalities specifically to process industry customers. The solution seamlessly integrates with SAP IBP and SAP S/4HANA PP/DS for efficient and concurrent supply chain planning. Tailored to meet the distinct needs of chemical, life science, and consumer goods companies, our SAP-certified solution offers next-level production campaign planning. It addresses ‘white spots’ of standard planning systems and introduces innovative planning concepts within IT environments to increase supply chain efficiency.

The Camelot Campaign Planner & Designer provides end-to-end process visibility, empowering organizations to proactively address supply chain challenges and make informed decisions. As a testament to its versatility and effectiveness, the Camelot Campaign Planner & Designer is available to global customers on the SAP® Store, offering accessibility and ease of implementation.

Transforming Production Campaign Planning

The Camelot Campaign Planner & Designer application empowers process industry businesses to effectively manage supply chain variability with confidence and ease. 

Discover a practical and innovative solution realizing production campaign and product wheel planning requirements for process industries tailored to the distinct supply chain planning needs of clients across the chemicals, life sciences, and consumer goods sectors.

How You Benefit from Camelot Campaign Planner & Designer

Discover how the Camelot Campaign Planner & Designer transforms the way production campaigns in process industries are planned and designed.

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Reliable & feasible production plans

Customers reap the rewards of a parameter-controlled, automated scheduling logic that ensures the creation of reliable and feasible production plans. This solution effectively translates planning parameters into a cyclic production schedule, prioritizing optimal sequencing, a chosen cycle time, and a balanced production flow. Future demands can be aggregated and summarized to build efficient campaign sizes.
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Reducing supply chain variability

The Camelot Campaign Planner & Designer facilitates the stabilization of supply and demand, optimizing the upstream supply chain. This results in reduced inventory, improved service levels, and lower overall supply chain costs.
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Increase of available production time

By utilizing the Camelot Campaign Planner & Designer, organizations can realize a significant increase in available production time, typically ranging from 15% to 40% of their total production capacity. This is achieved through stabilizing the production network, which in turn frees up capacity to enhance supply agility.
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Reducing finished goods inventory

Another primary advantage of the Camelot Campaign Planner and Designer is its ability to mitigate the bullwhip effect by establishing regular production patterns. This enhances supply reliability and on-hand stocks, ultimately resulting in a reduction of finished goods inventory levels by up to 35% and working capital by up to 30%.

Available on SAP Store

The Camelot Campaign Planner & Designer is available on the SAP Store. If you are interested in learning more about our solution, just book your personal demo.

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The Camelot Campaign Planner & Designer helps chemical, life sciences, and consumer goods companies tackle supply chain variability effectively. Contact us today to discover how you can significantly improve production campaign planning.

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The Camelot Campaign Planner & Designer is an innovative solution that closes supply chain planning ‘white spots’ of standard software systems, empowering chemical, life sciences, and consumer goods businesses to effectively manage variability. Features include streamlined campaign definition and maintenance, heuristic-driven optimization, and comprehensive performance visualization. Benefit from reliable and feasible production campaign plans, reduced supply chain variability, increased available production time and decreased finished goods inventory. Realize up to 40% increased production capacity and up to 35% reduction in finished goods inventory levels.

The Camelot Campaign Planner & Designer is a SAP-certified solution, seamlessly integrating with SAP S/4HANA PP/DS and extending the supply planning capabilities of SAP IBP via synchronized planning. The Camelot Campaign Planner & Designer is available on the SAP Store.

A production campaign is a structured approach to managing manufacturing activities. It involves a pre-defined production sequence designed for a product portfolio, taking into account optimized changeover (e.g. by times, cost)and batch size optimization. This approach works by combining the future demands of product families. Parameters such as campaign size can be set individually per product group.

The Product Wheel (aka ‘Rhythm Wheel’) concept introduces an innovative approach to lean production planning and scheduling. The concept steps in when a production line needs to handle a variety of products with high demand variability and limited capacity. It allows for a production mix to be leveled and sorted based on the products’ requirements. This process runs on a rolling basis, ensuring there’s ample time in each cycle to manufacture less frequent products or conduct maintenance tasks. The concept promotes leveled capacity utilization, inventory reduction, and enhanced customer service levels.

The Rhythm Wheel concept manages the production of a mix of different products on the same manufacturing line through a combination of key practices:

  • Campaign Size Definition: It sets minimum and maximum sizes for production campaigns
  • Recurring Production Cycles: It establishes consistent production cycles for a defined cycle time
  • Automated Planning and Prioritization: In cases of over-capacity, it uses automated rules to prioritize production
  • Optimized Changeover Times: By reducing changeover times between different products, the Rhythm Wheel concept maximizes capacity utilization.

All features of the Camelot Campaign Planner & Designer support the Rhythm Wheel concept: The Designer feature creates the campaign; the Campaign Planner Heuristic feature conducts the production planning and scheduling based on the design, and the Campaign Monitor supports the analysis of the planning steps and decisions enabling future improvements.

Planning production campaigns with the Camelot Campaign Planner & Designer enhances supply chain efficiency in several ways. First, cyclic planning stabilizes the supply chain by funneling and dampening the volatility of demand signals from the market. By organizing production in production campaigns, the solution effectively streamlines the bullwhip effect, which usually destabilizes production planning at upstream stages. In addition, the Camelot Campaign Planner & Designer minimizes changeover times, which results in higher capacity utilization and ultimately, greater supply chain efficiency.

The Campaign Designer functionality of the Camelot Campaign Planner & Designer comprehensive view of complex product portfolios, displaying key parameters like run rate and lot size for each resource. It is capable of grouping and sorting diverse product ranges by factors such as minimum changeover times. Users can define campaign sizes and set prioritization rules, guiding the heuristic to plan effectively in different scenarios, such as bottleneck situations and periods of lower demand.

Yes, campaign designs can be adjusted interactively to accommodate significant changes in demand or unexpected disruptions. Moreover, the campaign planning heuristic dynamically adapts to the latest inventory, production, and demand situation during each planning run, using an advanced netting logic based on traditional MRP netting.

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