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Innovative approaches and tools
for advanced customer engagement

CRM & Customer Experience Services by Camelot

Welcome to Camelot’s CX Practice, where excellence is our standard. Our team has spearheaded award-winning CRM and customer experience projects focused on driving exceptional results. Through strategic IT and process consulting, we guide businesses towards achieving their goals with precision and efficiency: enabling customer journeys that not only boost sales results but also pave the way for significant service improvement and serve as the cornerstone for robust marketing strategies. We also make your sales processes smarter and more efficient, empowering your best salespeople to focus on the right tasks and to win even more business.

With a track record of success in both international and local markets, especially in Germany, our unique CRM integrations are renowned for their seamless execution. Drawing from our extensive process experience, we offer tailored solutions that cater to a broad spectrum of industries, like manufacturing, consumer goods, and many more. As a trusted SAP partner, we’re always at the forefront of innovation, consistently integrating the latest advancements such as SAP S/4HANA to ensure our clients stay ahead of the curve.  

Customer Experience:
Strategy & Assessment

Placing the customer at the forefront –
a straightforward principle for optimizing your customer experience journey?

The customer journeys of consumers are evolving, and businesses are facing the challenge of meeting their increasing demands. Strengthening relationships through seamless customer experiences and providing global service are essential prerequisites for maintaining competitiveness and increasing sales results. Meanwhile, digital transformation and new technologies like artificial intelligence are reshaping processes in marketing, sales, and service. In disruptive times, sustainable growth is only achievable with an agile mindset – and with a strategic IT consulting partner by your side who understands the role of CRM in the transformation of business processes.

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Customer Experience
Maturity Assessment

Building an efficient customer journey is becoming increasingly vital for businesses. Get an assessment of your maturity level in Customer Experience (CX) and a benchmark specific to your industry to gauge where you stand compared to competitors. From there, we can derive next steps together.

In our free CX ValueRator, a complimentary Customer Experience Management (CXM) Self-Assessment, you can gain initial insights into the status of your Customer Experience (CX) maturity in just 20 minutes. The questions bundled in the CX ValueRator encompass years of our partner BCM.‘s refined expertise in Customer Experience Management, combined with Camelot’s specific knowledge regarding systems and processes for Customer Experience – offering you a comprehensive perspective and a great starting point for strategic CX transformation.

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Analysis of Your Customer Experience Core Processes

The digitalization of your sales, marketing, and service processes can only be successful when approached comprehensively. Most importantly, before implementing a new CRM system, it’s essential to tidy up. Our CX consultants have outstanding expertise to evaluate your processes from the level of overarching business capabilities down to operational process activities.

Take advantage of our extensive collection of CX processes, built on numerous successful and innovative projects that harness the latest system capabilities. Camelot’s CX process repository accelerates the analysis and later following process optimization phase drastically in higher quality. 

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Enterprise Architecture Management for Your Customer Experience

Sales and marketing alignment begins with the right enterprise architecture. Nowadays, no CRM or other system in sales, marketing, or sales can effectively stand alone and must be integrated into the overarching IT ecosystem. As the number of integrated systems increases, so do the demands on your EAM (enterprise architecture management), especially in the realm of customer experience.

We’re here to assist you in defining the right strategy for technology, data, processes, and applications. Leveraging our end-to-end expertise, we’ll help you align your value chain strategy with your IT strategy and construct a future-proof roadmap for improved sales results and sustainable growth. 


Assess Your CX Maturity Level with Our Free CX ValueRator Tool

Creating a seamless customer journey is key for businesses nowadays. Evaluate your customer experience (CX) maturity level and get an industry benchmark to gauge how you stack up against competitors. Use this insight to plan your next steps forward. The free self-assessment takes only around 20 minutes.  

Sales Excellence with
SAP Sales Cloud & SAP CPQ

Optimization of Sales Results with Intelligent and User-Friendly CRM Solutions

With our customized CX consulting services, we assist companies in establishing a transparent, consistent, and AI-supported lead-to-quote process–from the initial contact as a lead to the final firm quotation in the sales opportunity.

SAP Sales Cloud is a cutting-edge and forward-thinking CRM application designed to streamline all sales processes. It provides a comprehensive 360° view of every customer, encompassing each interaction, activity, sales transaction, and business relationship. Camelot’s strategic IT consulting and CRM implementation services guide you on the path to enhanced customer engagement with SAP Sales Cloud.

For companies seeking a cloud-based solution for their entire quotation process, SAP CPQ (Configure Price Quote) is an excellent option. This SAP quotation solution comprehensively covers the entire quotation process and seamlessly integrates with SAP CRM systems. Camelot’s CX expert teams assist you in setting up the entire process with SAP CPQ, from quote creation to product catalog searches, attribute selection, configurator usage, and sending quotations. 

We guide you in leveraging the impact of CRM and customer experience on decision-making by enabling next-level reporting and visualization. Maintain a comprehensive view of your sales pipeline at all times using cutting-edge CRM solutions, empowering sales management and C-level executives to make decisions grounded in robust data models and streamlined reporting.

The journey of digital transformation in sales begins with your CRM. Elevate your processes to the next level by leveraging no-code workflows and getting rid of repetitive tasks. Kickstart automated follow-up actions with your customers and fine-tune your customer experience for sustainable growth. Our CX consulting teams are here to support you every step of the way.

Record your sales visit activities with SAP Sales Cloud, whether the meetings were conducted on-site with the customer or virtually. Access the complete visit report from anywhere, even offline, and initiate follow-up actions immediately to ensure you maximize the value of your sales visits and no information gets lost.

Harness modern CRM technologies to unlock your company’s full sales potential, drastically reduce processing time, and kickstart AI-driven initiatives. Sales-focused digital transformation provides a plethora of opportunities to streamline sales processes and enhance sales outcomes simultaneously. Reach out to us to discover more about the future of sales technologies—and start leveraging them today.

Are you looking to take your marketing processes to the next level? Do you need help developing a vision for this transformation or aren’t sure how to get there? With our marketing strategy and assessment services, we can guide you in successfully transitioning to a marketing-driven company. We aim to enhance our client’s sales results through innovative approaches and tools for advanced customer engagement.

Data is like gold, but without the right CRM tools to mine and refine it, its value remains untapped in your marketing efforts. With our Camelot CX integration services, we specialize in developing end-to-end data flows, transforming your marketing and CRM data streams into valuable data lakes. These serve as a solid foundation for shaping your marketing strategies and driving your marketing activities forward.  

Crafting precise and impactful customer journeys allows you to capture the attention of your most valuable asset – your customers. With SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement, you have the tools to draw in your customers with compelling content and experiment with various methods to effectively engage with different personas. Camelot provides strategic IT consulting and implementation services for SAP Emarsys to elevate your customer engagement strategies. 

Transferring high-quality leads from marketing to sales can be quite a challenge. However, with SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement, you gain access to a platform that allows you to tailor lead nurturing and scoring processes to align with your business requirements. You can also continuously adapt these processes to meet changing market demands. Our CX consulting experts at Camelot bring a wealth of industry experience to the table, offering specialized process evaluation and implementation services to meet your unique needs with SAP marketing tools. 

Coordinating communication across various customer channels can be a daunting task. With SAP Emarsys, you can streamline this process by orchestrating all channels through integrated automation. This allows you to create compelling customer journeys and deliver consistent experiences across the board. Our dedicated SAP CX consulting team is eager to collaborate with you to set this up and enhance your customer engagement efforts. 

Do you have a wealth of data but lack the resources to effectively utilize it? Our CX consulting services are designed to help you unlock the hidden potential within your database, enabling meaningful personalization for your customer journeys without the need for time-consuming manual analysis. With SAP Emarsys AI functionalities, you gain access to a platform that seamlessly integrates Artificial Intelligence into your marketing strategies – and our CX experts are happy to share how to best implement and use it.

Marketing Excellence
with SAP Emarsys

Preparing You for Genuine Omnichannel Marketing and Seamless Marketing & Sales Process Integration

With a specialized CX consulting practice, Camelot offers an extensive array of marketing services aimed at elevating your marketing strategies and processes to the next level. We focus on positioning marketing as a value-adding corporate function and delivering a robust, integrated marketing system landscape through our implementation services.1

Camelot CX Blog

What needs to change in FMCG Sales

Discover the essential shifts required in FMCG sales strategies. Our in-depth analysis highlights key trends, challenges, and innovative solutions driving change in the fast-moving consumer goods industry.

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Service Excellence with SAP Service Cloud & SAP FSM

Delight Customers with a Great Service

Outstanding customer service fosters loyalty, instills trust, and elevates brand reputation. It drives repeat business, garners positive reviews, and sparks referrals – all essential for long-term success and sustainable growth. Efficient support swiftly resolves issues, boosting customer satisfaction and reducing churn. The Camelot customer experience team provides consulting and implementation services for SAP Service Cloud and SAP Field Service Management, facilitating substantial service improvements as a partner by your side. 

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SAP Service Cloud: Implementation & Consulting

Elevate your customer service to new heights with SAP Service Cloud. Empower your team to deliver exceptional service experiences, fostering lasting customer loyalty. With real-time analytics, seamless integration, and comprehensive support, SAP Service Cloud is the solution for businesses aiming for excellence in customer engagement. At Camelot, we help you to implement and leverage SAP Service Cloud with dedicated expert teams. 

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SAP Field Service Management (FSM)

Elevate your field service operations to the next level with SAP Field Service Management. This solution provides seamless scheduling of service appointments, boosting workforce productivity and enabling businesses to deliver top-notch customer service. The combination of optimized resource planning and real-time analytics leads to significant service improvements. Let our consulting experts demonstrate how your company can leverage these capabilities to drive success. 

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Streamline Service Processes & Improve CX Using AI Functions

SAP Service Cloud boasts a range of cutting-edge Generative AI capabilities, including case interaction summary and e-mail draft recommender. Furthermore, leveraging AI not only automates repetitive tasks but also enhances user experience through conversational AI self-service functions. Your customers will be impressed with an elevated customer experience. 


Success Story: Improved Service Processes with SAP Sales Cloud

Digitalization of the Patient Feedback Process at the University Hospital Basel

40 clinics, more than 7.000 employees, and highest quality standards: The University Hospital Basel has improved their patient feedback process tremendously by implementing the SAP Service Cloud with Camelot as their partner. 

Camelot stands by you every step of the way in choosing and setting up the necessary services and functions for your CRM IT architecture. Our project methodology is firmly grounded in agile principles, guaranteeing a nimble and responsive approach to cater to our clients’ changing requirements. From conducting a thorough assessment of your needs to carrying out the final implementation, our methodology prioritizes close collaboration and iterative development cycles. This ensures that we integrate your feedback at every stage and deliver CX solutions that align perfectly with your expectations. 

Camelot provides comprehensive end-to-end integrations using SAP Integration Suite to seamlessly integrate your SAP CX and CRM solutions into your business processes. This encompasses configuring pre-built integrations available through SAP or developing integrations from the ground up, customized to fit your specific needs and environment. We handle integrations with SAP systems, whether they’re cloud-based or on-premise, as well as with non-SAP systems. 

While SAP’s standard CX solutions provide a strong base, fully realizing their potential demands customization and expansion to leverage the strength of your CRM processes and data. Camelot supports you by developing extensions within SAP BTP (SAP Business Technology Platform) to enhance your CX strategies significantly. This includes side-by-side extensions, event handlers, or background jobs crafted with SAP’s cutting-edge low-code/no-code or pro-code tools. 

Are you still relying on the old SAP PI/PO, or do you require assistance in migrating your integrations from SAP BTP Neo to SAP BTP Cloud Foundry? Camelot is here to help you define a comprehensive migration strategy for your CRM integrations and handle the transition to the new environment seamlessly. 

Customer Experience Design & Integration

Breaking CRM Silos, Boosting Customer Insights

Unlock the full potential of your SAP CX solutions with integrations and tailored extensions. We specialize in developing integrations for your SAP CRM systems such as SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Emarsys, among others. These integrations are meticulously crafted to fit your unique business needs, ensuring smooth data flow and eliminating technology silos. Camelot provides expert guidance in designing and implementing these integrations and extensions within SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform) as integrating CRM into your existing systems and processes yields valuable insights into your customers’ behavior. 

Customer Data Excellence with SAP CDP & SAP CDC

Gain Insights into All Your Customers' Touchpoints

The SAP Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Customer Data Cloud (CDC) centralize customer data, enabling businesses to gain deeper insights into their customers and their customer journeys through real-time analytics and dynamic segmentation – for better sales results and more effective marketing strategies.

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Hyper-Personalization with SAP CDP

The SAP Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a robust application designed for utilizing and managing customer data. SAP CDP provides both B2B and B2C businesses with a holistic view of their customers by aggregating, integrating, and analyzing data from various sources, including CRM and marketing tools. With workflows and hyper-personalization capabilities, you can consistently trigger the appropriate actions at the right moments in your customers’ journey, driving sustainable growth. 

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Access Management with SAP CDC

The SAP Customer Data Cloud is a comprehensive solution designed for managing and safeguarding customer data. It provides features such as identity and access management to ensure compliance with data protection regulations. Customers have the flexibility to register on the CDC using a diverse range of authentication methods. The platform centrally manages data, consents, and preferences across multiple applications within SAP CDC. Our CX consulting teams are equipped to handle both technical and process-related setup tasks for you. 

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Real-Time Visibility into Customer Needs

Centralized data aggregation empowers companies to gather customer data from diverse sources and consolidate it into a central repository. This encompasses information on customers’ interactions with the company, their behaviors, preferences, and needs. By integrating this data into the platform, companies attain a comprehensive view of their customers’ journeys, enabling them to craft personalized branding campaigns, customer service interactions, and sales promotions based on this insight. With our strategic IT consulting services, we assist businesses in jumpstarting their digital transformation by providing this real-time visibility. 


Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience for Our Clients

At Camelot, we’re all about delivering top-notch customer experiences. We do not only offer customer experience services within our portfolio, we ourselves go above and beyond to ensure that every client receives the ultimate level of quality when working with us. Whether it’s consulting in supply chain management, data management, S/4HANA transformation, or any other field, you can count on us to meet your needs and deliver results that stand the test of time. Want to learn more about how we at Camelot go the extra mile for our clients? Reach out to us today or take a peek at our company pages for more details. 

Application Management Support (AMS) for SAP CX

More Time for the Important Things in Your Teams

CX system landscapes require maintenance, regular upkeep, and ongoing optimization. We assist you with these tasks by providing a tailored and ITIL-based Application Management Service (AMS) for the SAP Customer Experience Suite.

Our adaptive service and support model, based on the ITIL 4 framework, assists you in enhancing your internal support processes. With our Camelot Help Center Portal, we’re always accessible, and through defined feedback loops, we ensure continuous improvement.

Our skilled consultants provide in-depth support for your SAP CX and CRM systems. Each client is assigned a dedicated team of experts, ensuring that their specific needs are addressed directly within our service process. This approach enables us to consistently deliver fast, pragmatic, and tailored solutions. 

From process definition to IT architecture, integration, and configuration, our Camelot experts are here to support you every step of the way. Together, we’ll determine which products from the SAP Customer Experience portfolio to cover: SAP Sales Cloud and CPQ, SAP Service Cloud and FSM, SAP CDC and CDP, or SAP Marketing Cloud and Emarsys, as well as integration with the SAP Integration Suite (SAP CPI). We’ll collaborate to define precisely where we can provide support, whether it’s 1st, 2nd, or 3rd level support. 

Seize the opportunity with Application Management Services (AMS) for SAP CX to experience increased value and enhanced solution acceptance. Gain available resources for upcoming projects and access an ITIL-based support process for SAP CX solutions. We assist our clients in operating and optimizing their CX and CRM systems post-project. With a brief transition phase, we can swiftly deliver added value for you.

Solutions for SAP CX

We Think Beyond the SAP Standard

We fill in the gaps in the SAP CX standard with our own solutions tailored to your SAP Customer Experience (CX) systems. In addition to custom solutions, we’ve packaged frequently requested solutions into products, enabling us to provide solutions quickly and affordably to our clients. Here’s a selection of our top performers.

In addition to natively customizing your SAP CX solution, there’s the option to implement sophisticated extensions through what’s known as side-by-extensions. This aligns with SAP’s Clean Core Paradigm and is typically carried out on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). Over the past years, Camelot has amassed extensive experience in implementing customer requirements in this area and boasts a team of experts dedicated to fulfilling individual customer needs. We are familiar with SAP CAP, SAP Build, or Webhooks and already use them to expand, for example, the SAP Sales and Service Cloud V2.

Understand your customers and effectively target them to boost sales outcomes. The Camelot Marketing Segmentation Enhancement is an SAP CX partner solution designed to generate target groups within your SAP CRM. Our SAPUI5 app enables segmentations utilizing the entire data pool of SAP Sales and Service Cloud without restrictions. Utilize a range of common filter operators to segment your customers based on factors such as opportunities, visits, or other pertinent business data within your SAP CX platform. This enhancement facilitates intricate segmentations and boasts a user-friendly segmentation model visualization for easy comprehension.

Effortlessly replicate target groups and campaigns between Inxmail and SAP Sales Cloud with our seamless Inxmail integration. Enjoy optimized sales and marketing processes, setting the stage for the ultimate customer experience. This CRM integration seamlessly transfers campaigns and target groups from SAP Sales Cloud to Inxmail without the need for manual imports and exports. Plus, by accessing the latest Inxmail reports, you can directly view recipient information, recipient interactions, and mailing statistics within SAP Sales Cloud.

Our SAP partner integration allows users to synchronize campaigns and target groups between CleverReach and SAP Sales Cloud. Users enjoy streamlined processes in sales and marketing, leading to an improved customer experience. By retrieving the latest reports from CleverReach in SAP Sales Cloud, you can directly access mailing statistics, recipient interactions, and recipient information. Marketing permissions from the CRM of SAP Sales Cloud are synchronized with CleverReach and vice versa to ensure compliance with GDPR guidelines. Define account, contact, and individual customer master data to be synchronized from SAP Sales Cloud for more personalized mailings in CleverReach.

The Camelot integration for Microsoft Word in SAP Customer Experience will turbocharge your automatic document creation. Quickly generate templates from Word documents and populate them with data directly within your SAP Sales Cloud system. Creating a template is a breeze thanks to a user-friendly interface for mapping placeholders to CRM attributes in SAP Sales Cloud. Once the template is set up, it can be utilized across all selected business objects to instantly generate a data-filled Word document with just one click. The final document generation process is entirely automatic, eliminating any chance of user error, such as typos, in the process. 

Our integration enables you to utilize Microsoft SharePoint as a document management system within your SAP Sales Cloud. The integration automatically generates entire subsites or folder structures using the data provided by the CRM in SAP Sales Cloud. This allows you to efficiently manage your customer-related documents. The automated creation of folder structures for your customer, opportunity, and activity documents ensures that your Microsoft SharePoint sites are more organized, ultimately boosting sales efficiency by saving time.

In addition to our highlights, as an SAP partner, we’ve developed a host of other useful extensions, many of which are available in the SAP Store alongside the ones listed here. SAP has thoroughly reviewed and validated all developments. Don’t see the integration you’re looking for in the SAP Store? Reach out to us, and we’ll work with you to find a customized solution.

Camelot CX Consulting

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Reach out to Camelot’s CX Practice, where excellence sets the standard. Our team leads award-winning CRM projects, guiding businesses to precise and efficient customer journeys. With tailored solutions and SAP integration, we keep you ahead in global markets.

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